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Last update for (8)Flanders Fields : 2009, 07, 26 19:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3711 (8)Flanders Fields otherLancet1.5finalhybrid

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 105 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Here is my newest 8 player map. It has a Gaia-style arrangement of the bases with two of them being islands (purple and yellow), which means that the orange and red positions are going to have to be mindful about a possible attacks from there. The second gas in the island positions has a 32-value mineral block and the corner gas expos an 8-value mineral block. Unlike my earlier map EPICA, in this map it is not clear which is going to be your third gas. Each player has 3 proximal possible third-gas choices of which two can be reached by land and one by air (in the corners). Gas can also be found in 2 central islands and a temple-build enclosed space along the NW to SE axis of the map. I have played the map against the comp several times and fixed some bugs.

Among the concerns that I have are that it may be too much to have an island base so close to a land position or the situation of the brown and blue bases that are "sandwiched" between the orange and yellow, and red and green bases, respectively. If these locations prove too challenging I can increase their survival odds by placing hallucinated minerals in them.

I have borrowed and/or modified map ideas and structures from the maps "EPICA", "Shrine of Kelehmar", "The Extra Mile", "Everflow" and "Yellow" and from Falkoner's terrain compilations.

Please let me know what you think and if you play any games remember to save a replay and download it here.
Good job man It looks like a lot of fun.
How big Is it?
Very nice deco.
I really like how u did all mains different.

On the down side there is to much positional imbalance.U have to make yellow and purp none island.
And some bases have a bigger choke than others fix that man, also some have the min only much easier than others.
Also to big of imbalances in nats bro, some have high dirt on top, some are + harassable, some have water, some have better placement...
U forgot the water doodads :(

Im sure u can fix all this things tho, if u do this may become my favorite *8 player map ")
Thank you Lancet. I love it so much. :3
sTY_leZerG-eX, thanks for your comments.

The map is 256x256 (size "other"). I know that the presence of the 2 island bases creates imbalances but that was the main idea behind the map. It's like my map EPICA but not placing the island bases next to each other.

I know also that some bases are closer to more minonlies than others. But in the chaos of an 8 player game in a huge map like this one with abundant resources that is not as critical as say in a two-player map.

I will double check the chokes. As to the nats, all the non-island nats have the mineral lines close to the main wall/cliff with a lot of space for air/ground defense on the other side.

I will see what water doodads I can place.
modified by Lancet
Yes Excallibur, this is the map I made based on your suggestion to place the island bases away from each other (no Caribean Pirate Empire here).

But please, please, please, if you organize a game on this map can you save the rep and post it here?


: ^ )
Any game we play on it will be on a mod hence the replay won't be view-able without being on said mod. :C
I would prefer 4 islands and 4 non-islands personally. I think the map would be a lot better 196x196, everything is proportionately too spread out. There's just, not a lot going on here. And your shapes are awkward/messy imo.
Oh, the layout and sheer diversity of the bases guarantees that there will be a lot going on here, believe me! The map's shapes are not awkward/messy, they are engineered to yield maximun separation of the North & South base tetrads, create multiple routes for troop movements and minimize the impact of the island bases.
Damn this looks crazy (in a good way). The deco seems to come in place
RIP Billy Mays
Starcraft has a diversity of strategies and gameplays which can be used in the map, same matchup, same positions. This map does not have a lot of things in it relative to the total size/space. I'm not talking about it strategically. I'm saying the map has a (2)128x128 error.
for once i actually agree with nm on the space part
Thanks, Lancet! I'm certain all of the modders appreciate your work.

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