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Last update for (2)Asator 1.5 : 2007, 09, 26 18:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2535 (2)Asator 1.5 128*96Desade0.0experimental

The map has been rated 116 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hi guys.
As promised I've made a new Version of this map.
I've uploaded it seperatly because I don't really know if this one is better than the original which was pretty ok imo.
So maybe you can take a look at both versions and tell me what's good/bad so I can make it
Asator 2.0 .
And btw I experienced some bug where I placed 2 starting positions but when I want to play it's displayed as a 1-player map. Plz help me out on this if you can.

Some stats:
Main backdoor mins: 80
Nat backdoor mins: 32
Island blocking mins: 40
Island and backdoor expos: 2500 gas
1000 mins/block
Hey man, nice try I think here but.. The map isnt so appealing because of the lack of deco... and, idk but theres something about those 2 bridges and 2 island expos i dont like :O idk

I think the 3rd expo is also pretty hard to use too and that theres not enought room for flanking but... idk if thats all me

(love the middle left cliff tho) lol

anyway, to my eyes, this needs work :P nt tho!
Hmm, well, I prefer this one a lil even if it's not as fluid but.. yea, I think youd need to do something with those 2 bridges and maybe the islands.. nothing sure tho one last thing, changing the 3rd expo or something could really help i think :O
modified by FateD
hm i only like it you allow me to make an asatorpimp some time in the future? =)
You may if you don't overwrite my version :)
I'm still waiting for some more critics and suggestions though. Because I spent much time and brain to create this and I see it as a unique, divergent and playable map.
It's funny I always start with the thought of making a plain, simple macro map and I end up putting minblocks, buildings and other cute things everywhere. Now I've come to the conclusion that that's just my style (including spare decoration which isn't so bad compared to some korean promaps)
So get used to it and adore my genius mapmaking!
-make the corner island only one (turtle-overpower). the space you gained use for:
-extend the terrain around the bridges and add a third one. now make the middle-bridge larger, a bit PA-style.
-then you can delete these minonlies near the nat. they would get into the way AND you can put the minonlies on the spots i marked in gmcs which pushes the focus of the map more towards the upper part
-redo top right corner. keep the sweet expo-style, but do something else up there
-remove 2nd entrance and make slightly more room for the mains
-find another way to place the ramps. this setup is SO uncomfortable. worst case: make lowground mains with highrgroundwalls. also, delete the temple and make the nats fit better into the map
-move the minerals of the 11/4 o clock expos so they face the highground opposed to the main. that way they're not too easy to protect from above (the main).

if you do all this, i dont need to make a pimp myself :D but i'd be happy decorating it once you're finished as i like the concept. so this is some motivation for you: execute my suggestions the best you can, if i think it's perfect i will decorate it for you if you want (understanding your post like you would want better deco) :D
modified by flothefreak
I doubt that I can do all the changes in a way you imagine it to be.
So as you seem really interested I hereby enpower you to do the pimp. :)
yay! :D
it will be my next project (after finishing my current one)

are you sure you dont wanna try it yourself? this could become your best map ever.
im to lazy to read all prev comments, but did you notice that half the right snow spot on the high ground is made on low snow terrain? is it supposed to be like that? :o
Yes it's not a problem since this spot serves only for placing a hatchery.
And Flo: I've done for this map what I could imo. I leave it to you to give it another flavour.


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