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Last update for (2)Yelhessa2.0 : 2007, 10, 02 15:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2536 (2)Yelhessa2.0 128*128PsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)0.4experimental

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 25 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Made a new page because TBH I still like the old one and it's too different to just edit.

Main and nat have normal minerals, everything else is 500 minerals each, 6 and 12 2500 gas geysers.
Wouldn't this be Yelhessa2.0 instead of 1.2, then?
Point taken ;P
Not a whole lot to say about it. Looks a lot like a money map.
o.o You're an idiot. It has less minerals than a normal map.
Oh dammit, I forgot. :P

*is TitanWing from WBs*
And here I thought you were two different people working on one map :X

Seriously though, money maps have patches of 50k, often stacked very close to the main base, and offer little reason to expand (not economic reasons anyway). It's just silly to say that this is anything like a money map even remotely.
Uploaded a few replays. I see Nightmarjoo has been using his extra accounts to randomly down vote maps again.
Guess what templar, I didn't 0 rate the map at all because I only 0 rate maps when people complain about people 0 rating maps, but I sure did now. As for using multiple accounts, I tried that just now, and it wouldn't let me vote more than once, it limits it to 1 ip I guess. Therefore, only 1 0 rating is from me, and the rest of the people who 0 rated it must just hate the map.
My bad :X I figured cause that's what you told me on AIM, it must have been you.

I don't really see anything in particular to hate the map about. It's not like it's a line through the middle with two bases. Maybe this map is only worth a 5, but certainly not 0. If they rated it 0, I'm pretty sure it's because they're just being retards. Maybe some people hate me, I don't know. I'm positive it has nothing to do with the map though.

And what the fuck kind of logic is that? Someone complains so you vote it a 0? That doesn't even make sense.
No, it's not a 0. If a 5 is an average map, and an average map is the average bwm map, it's unfortunately above that lol.

It's not bad, but I don't like how the very middle and the SW/NE expos are so tight. The two really big, open areas of the map aren't all that important imo. The islands could be more open too =/

I consider the map ratings to be 100% garbage, if someone actually cares about the rating and complains, I laugh at them by dropping it more. It's not like the ratings have ever been accurate for any map lol.
This is what I mean by standards being different. IMO 5 means something is a crap map. Just like 50% in school is a crap grade. 60% is getting on the acceptable side, 70% is worth playing but not really good, 80% is excellent and worth playing, 90% is amazing and unique, 100% is godly. This way you can reserve 40-0% for the multiple levels of awful maps, 0% being maybe that one start locations is missing minerals or something.
And I have no idea how you can call the middle tight. That middle is more than enough for 5 control groups of Protoss units to march side by side... You're never going to need more room than that. The "big, open areas of the map [that] aren't all that important" support multiple pathways and allow for easier flanking when an army comes through one of them. In the original version I had a hill for some strategic consideration, but people told me it was ugly so I got rid of it. If I added a little lake in there you'd tell me the whole map was too tight again ;P
the middle look tight... oh but i haven't downloaded the map!!

--PsychoTemplar vs NastyMarine(1on1, 1.15)
--Chef vs smi.keen(1on1, 1.15)
--PsychoTemplar vs HnR)SoYu(1on1, 1.15)
--PsychoTemplar vs HnR)SoYu(1on1, 1.15)

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