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Last update for (2)Breaking Point : 2007, 10, 25 03:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2537 (2)Breaking Point 96*128TkTkVrooM2.0final

The map has been rated 75 times and got a total of 147 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

This map looks like it plays really well. It seems very standard for modern maps, but that's not really a bad thing.

I'll try to give this a spin later.
I don't like the mineral blocks in the middle. Unecessary and annoying ingame.
this is by far the best map i've seen from you EVER. also from the look, but especially from the gameplay.

what i like very much:
-the natural setup. 2 paths to the natural where the backyard-one is really no threat. normally, you have to deal with a backdoor like this. here, it just allows you to open up a new path to the minonly. very cool (provided minblocks are like, 16 or 24).
-this minonly is really cool. it seems to provide a very cool flow, being a comfortable and reasonable obvious 2nd exp but still not the standard in-front-of-nat-expo, but leading to the other mapedge. i love this and its feel
-the look of the combined highground sidepath and the water. looks really stylish- only, it seems very tight. may become a serious problem.

but imo you still have some problems:
-the stasis cell isnt necessary, but it is more likely to screw pathing up. remove it, no need for it at all.
-the map is tight. remove those little compound-walls in front of the natural&minonly. this will open the map up some more
-the mineral wall in the center is also only hindering pathing of larger armies, thus making the map tighter, which you dont need and dont want. remove it to open the map up a bit as well. you name will still fit, as this is a breaking point.
-pay attention that the minonlies near the mainbase and the sidepath-expos dont get into the way when moving armies from the main/nat to this highgroundpath, or beyond it.
-the _lower_ ramp on the _left_ highgroundpath seems significantly shorter/tighter than its aequivalent on top right highground. open the left one up to be pos. balanced, you can easily do this here, as you have the space for it.

overall, i am truly impressed. you really made a jump with this map. i thought nasty to be the author when i saw this map, which IS a compliment :D
you did an excellent job, you improved heavily.
modified by flothefreak
oh i just went through your other maps. looks were already good on them; i just hadnt had any outstanding map from you in mind till now, so i only remembered your first works.
One deco problem... all the terrain is symetrical even if it's walkable (like in (2)Nuclear)
this is no problem^^
Okay, I've played a game with a friend with it, unfortunately the rep isn't something special, anyway, the statis cells are not needed, it is a intersting vector of attack, but they do mess up pathing.

The middle minerals are also not really needed, maybe because the center wasn't used at all, as most battles were around the 3 and 6 expos.
yeah i am finaly understanding gosu deco. yeah had some good ideas on this map. friend suggested the stasis cell but i dont think it is needed. i will make changes later tonight thanks all <3
Very stylish map. The back door to the nat is a nice detail but yes, that second exit from the nat with the stasis cell is interesting but being at right angles to the other one and so far away it is going to mess up pathing big time. Do you also want to keep those minerals in the center?
-Stasis gone
-middle path minerals gone
-some structure in nat gone
Looks great, really nice map.
i was talking about units moving from main to 9 or 3, they get stacked with workers at the lowground minonly.

also fix you wide ramps path :S
ok ima work on the min onlies but i still dont know what is wrong with pathing on 9 3 ramps
ok ummm min onlies fixed, knew what you ment & saw it how the units get fucked up like in lost temple from 12 to 3 main that gay min only that gets in your way >,<
exactly :D
units get stakced with the workers
fixed it buggy, now what!??!!?
-the _lower_ ramp on the _left_ highgroundpath seems significantly shorter/tighter than its aequivalent on top right highground. open the left one up to be pos. balanced, you can easily do this here, as you have the space for it.

the minonlies are player1's so they won't appear ingame :(
i'd say theres not enough gas in the map...
make one of the minonlys a gas expo, or even both!
ok ima work on the problem flo is talking about, & yeah testy i tried playing a game on it & was like wtf where are the min onlies -- so i went & fixed that & idk about amount of gas.......seems fine to me
so i couldn't make that one any wider so i just made the other one shorter ;O
so got 2 real games in not vs a random noob pub. MU was pvt & the map was SEX for protoss flanks. Got atleast 3-5 sexy flanks in each game. Side expos are CRAZY to hold which makes most of the fighting in the middles of top & bottom halves & side expos. The terran complained there wasn't enough gas for him so i might consider adding some gas. But all in all i can't complain, i loved the maps game play. Very good gameplay
not the 'amout' of gass.
there is no gass in this map.
where is terran 3rd gass?

the high ground minonly is very easy to defend.
so gass should be in the low ground minonly....

the Structure in the choke makes the map too tight, don't remove it but just make it smaller.

9 and 3 mineral formations are not the best you can do, what about moving the gass to the edge of the map so you can move moooore units there :D

when you move between same side highgrounds, minonly ramp is not used completely, because the multy's ramp starts like at the half of the minonly's. pathi s also affected by that.

if you make mulie's ramps wider, then units will get stacked with 9 and 3 workers.
so you sjould add watter behind the multy ramp, so units don't get stacked/confused there.

and move the minonly's.
in your current form, you have the same result with a normal sized ramp i guess.

how do the backdoor work?
looks like protoss can't FE against zerg?
and zealots are too strong against zerg FE?
what is all that space behind the mineral fields at nat?

oh and you have a map variety, northern has 3 mineral fields at backdoor and southern only 2.
is that a positional imba?

nice reps, i never imagine protoss was your race. maybe because haven't talk too much.
the choke looked like a long aalea way.
and you can clearly see the structure in the middle of the asphalt is not very well done.
i would make it smaller.
and the path isue i pointed was not shown, maybe it's my imagination.

i don't know what does "gameplay" means but this map looks to be played very well. it's vry interesting but can turn onto a macro style map omethimes.

i wish i could learn how to play so we can have some more games on it :(
wtf you talking bout bugs?
yes, Fast Expo is imposible
i dont see how it is. I am toss & fe on this map a lot. My Z friends fe np, hell i've even seen a terran fe on this map. If you play the map you'll notice it takes awhile to get from main to main. So that solves the openness of the chokes in the nat & main entrance
protoss zealots are too strong against zerg FE. specialy a proxy gate :S
testing says other wize o.O
map is in final version
gas was added at the min onlies behind the nats for a reason that me & others have discussed. Map works, great gameplay, lots of testing was done on it. GO GO MOTM !!!
No, the map is too tight. There's no flank room.
For zerg, FE is fine. For pvz, I don't think you can really FE securely, it's easy to sneak lings through.
map is not to tight joel shit i did a 180/200 vs 130/200 & i was the 130 & pwn the 180
how is that not enough room?
i'll try to be nice at thione:

hehehe :)
you can't make a wall with your forge and so.

you must do the natural expo the way FE photon cannons can defend your fields against mid-game mutas.

Ride of Valkyries


this is a great map ttkvroom, but you can easyly fix the tightness and do some edits in the nat.
i found the choke is a long azalea-like way where zerg can push terran and terran can push zerg.

i think the choke is not wide enought. but if you make it bigger, protoss will have more problems when FE vs fast hydras
modified by Testbug
not gunna remove the structure or it would just be open, need some walls for like tanks to be behind or small micro fun WHO KNOWS!!!

space behind nats is ok, helps rines have a place for muta harass maybe a friendly cannon rush who knows, longi has lots of space behind nats & ppl seem to enjoy it

there is no problem blocking chokes on fe with toss i've done it like 20 times now 10 was vs pure hydras which i defended & won against
GMCS for you Joel
I didn't say nats are too small, too open/wide is more like it.

As for your "this is open, zomg main battlefield" stuff, the sides are very tight, especially once you add an expo and some static d, lol.
The places near the min only are the most open spot on the map, and they're still tight and flankless.

tk, I played the map, and watched that horrid tvp game. It's too tight, lol.
whaaatt?? northwrn player has the backdoor opened for zerglings and so :S
you forgot a skeleton doodad or what?

and you use yellow, orange, brown and white players???? where are red, tan and blue?? :S

also northern structure has asphalt doodad number 1 and number 2. southern struture has only asphalt doodad number 1.
so northern is tighter than southern.

you have a lot of structure and some doodads. i think 12 ultralisk can fit there.

what about adding a "welcome to blizzard" thing? (asphalt doodads from 4-to-15)

i'll GMCS
modified by Testbug
the picture doesn't show a doodad that i put there but its there in game. & what are you talking about with the colors?
i downloaded the map.
the doodad is not there.

AND NOTHR BACKDOOR has an opened way zerglings or marines can use
"the picture doesn't show a doodad that i put there but its there in game"

man you really want our help? the doodad is not there.

hey well I'm on vacation so i can't do it but if you wanna do that simple task for me testy then pm me. But you'll have to wait until monday when i get back
Ok Test bug, made the changes only cause i love you
blocked northern backdoor, shows up ass a grass doodad in picture for some reason but in game shows up as the blocking doodad i put there

Removed all the doodads around the structures in the top & bottom middle for a lil more room
ohhhh you love mee :)
also i woyuld recommend you to use aslphalt doodads (from 4 to 15) are like a "welcome to Blizzard" thing you know)
nah....Nightmarjoo says there isn't enough room....
but yes i do love you, we should have sex sometime & give birth to a sexy map
modified by tktkvroom
hey, i opened the map with a SCMDraft and the nothern doodad is just a plant! and it's walkable!
you should add a totally unwalkable Skeleton or some rocks....

also, chek the asphalt doodads from 4 to 15 to see what am i talking about
FINAL version my nigga, everything is fixed & got some new good reps added
lol tk, the replay was ok, that map is fixed, but you did not upload the new version of it.

if you click on the "melee" download, you will get the old version with the opened backdoor.

the version you used in the replays was ok, norhtnern backdoor is not opened.

also haven't you think about using asphalt doodads (from 4-to-15) those thing that says "welcome to blizzard" or something like that??? it'll be nice, wouldn't it?
nah blizzard can suck my 3rd nut, it seems to need all the room available in those areas
instead of the structure (remember the structure we told you to totally remove, because it was some tight) you can place doodads (asphalt from 4 - to 15)
lets just put your sperm there testy
ohhhhhhh i found the northern unwalkable terrain!!!!!!

there is a "geyser-doodad" under the "plant-doodad"!!!! it is hiden! so you can't walk in there :D!!

i found it! i found it! i changed the terrain to dirt and the pland disapeared, but not the doodad :)
lmao yeah told you fool
why did you put my sexy map picture up? just had to see it again?
lol i removed the structure and added the asphalt doodads (from 4-to-15)
oic, well i think its fine with the structure there....its kinda there for flanking
Its just another main to main map with expos on the sides
I noticed lots of your maps have a random chaotic mass of high platform with no real purpose that takes away from open space. There is usually something in the middle taking away from vast openess (Example: I think Zuma would be much better map without the 2 random high dirt in the middle), which isn't always a bad thing, but it doesn't have great diversity. I looked through most of your maps and I liked a few; Kumba, Isis, and Marja were my favorites. I think Zephyr would be 10x better if you moved all terrain to the same level and to remove a little bit of the temple. Your more recent ones are getting better and better. About this map, I like it for the most part, and I understand the dimensions make it difficult to squeeze all ideas in. There really isn't that much open space for unit movement.

I suggest trying something like taking out the side expansions completely. I tried a map similar to this (If you'd like to see Map Name is Riven) and it's gameplay really wasn't that great because lack of space. I like the corner expansions very much so however. I just think the middle and the lack of space makes this map a decent map instead of a great map. It has great potential I think.
modified by Allstar4
lmfao at templar you got pwnd by flo on that one. I think its funny how you mock me with that but the thing is is that i say that to maps that are actualy like that kindalike corhal. This map is not just main to main. Its batlle ground to tight squeezse middle to fighting ground & the middle is tight so you end up using the sides.

& Allstar4 i appreciate your input but the map is already in the final stage & in motm10
"the map is already in the final stage" maybe it shouldn't be =/
Joel needs bape (rofl)
modified by lnept
No more fake votes please... =[
This post is not displayed due to its content
I am talking about tihs shit...
lol there were only 4 fake votes who voted my map as 1st chouice. it'll be -20 points, so enless fields has 43 instead of 63.
yours had onle 39.
why weren't the 2nd and 3rd places posted at the news? some1 forgot it?
cuz I didn't post it, Nasty did.

--EasYLosS vs Blueskiesfade(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs 5meodmt[PaiN](1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs bunchofrandomletters(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs HalO]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs HalO]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--WhiTe]i[ vs HalO]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--WhiTe]i[ vs HalO]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs KodiaK[xT](1on1, 1.15)
--WhiTe]i[ vs nS-g.Naruto(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs nS-g.Naruto(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs SeaMen]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs SeaMen]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--SeaMen]i[ vs K]i[nG(1on1, 1.15)
--HalO]i[ vs BeTheDream(1on1, 1.15)

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