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Last update for (2)Crawling 1.01 : 2007, 10, 10 11:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2557 (2)Crawling 1.01 128*96Alter.Ego0.5beta

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 20 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Something I wanted to try for awhile, small base which forces you to go out as soon as possible.
Main is 8 x 1500 with standard gas.
The nat is 12 x 600 with 4K gas
Minonly - 6 x 1500
8 & 4 gas is 3K and minerals 9 x 600, 2 smaller patches 32 each to block zerglings.
The 6 is 2 x 4K gas, 6 x 1500 minerals.

The map needs more work on decoration, but I just want to remove all balancing issues first.
There are creep colonies at the nat, so zerg wouldn't have to go for 3 hatcheries. Probably the creeps can be positioned better.

Backdoors everywhere of course and enough place for canons/turrets/bunkers/colonies on the highground of the main.

The 4 minerals at the big choke are 8 each, just to tighten it in early game if you decide to go FE.

Anything that would make the map better is highly appreciated. (Even if it's 'scrap it'.. *sigh*)
modified by Alter.Ego
lol main needs to be bigger, thats for sure, and theres a couple other details like that but meh, playable otherwise :P

btw this feels like playing forte man, u gotta change main a lil somehow lol
if red mineral jump at split hes stuck, maybe have same placement of minerals both mains :)

i like this map, alittle few expos for beeing so big
Tanks can fit next to both sides of that house doodad atop the small plateau towards the top (see GMCS), did you intend this on purpuse? If you want your creep colony to show in the picture save the map, then go: units>zerg>buildings>zerg creep colony, then overlay the sprite creep with the unit creep (the creep will then show), then save image and either undo placing the unit creep or don't save the map.
Tanks were not meant to fit there, thanks for pointing it out, I tought I've checked it.

Good hint on the creep stuff too :) I'll do that.

I'm working on a major rework of the map, while keeping the concept.
Place the colony so that Zerg can fe. Both terran and Protoss can use the forte-style choke to block, but z would need a quite risky choke hatch first.
I don't like how short the air distances are.
Seems like a lot of money for a little map. How about removing the expo facing the edge of the map at E/W with gas.
Maybe remove those plateaus at SW/SE
I'd worry about tanks near the nats.
S's mineral formation is kind of awkward imo.

Removed the middle high ground, couldn't make it without random tank spots, so It's tar now.

The creep colony place was moved so zerg can FE.

The minonly moved on high ground, with backdoor ramp behind it, 2 patches 32 each can be eaten quickly to access it from behind.

South double gas is 4K each

The east/west gas expos are 3K (to fit the fast theme of the expo).

IMO the resources are not too much, as the fast expoes (nat, east/west) are eaten much faster and have less resources then normal expos.

It's almost final in my mind, but probably while doing those changes I broke something :)

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