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Last update for (4)Monty Python : 2007, 10, 24 01:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2593 (4)Monty Python 128*128pZ.eRa0.8beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 39 points


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I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work all day
I cut down trees and skip and hop and I like to pick wild flowers!

I put on lady's clothing, and I hang out in bars.
I which I were a girlie, just like my dear papa!

And now for something completely different......

Very interesting map but the mains are really small, try to make them bigger and also in such a way that units produced will not have to cross the worker line to get out. The gameplay will be very different depending on the starting positions. Do you think that maybe you should make the center accesible by land from the sides?

But in any case......NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is really alot improvable.
1st. the reversed ramps are normal ramps lol!!!
2nd. the expos at nw and se .. the place around them, is sucky, since it takes, 1st, too much space (T>P) and 2nd makes a cliffdrop possible.
Also the while map is a bit narrow.
3rd. the are some tank spots at the middle monty thingy.

I've seen a pic on where some guy made this with pictures, but he made the monty part from se to nw.
here is that mentioned pic:
modified by LML
It's about time someone came out with a Monty Python map. I like it but I think having the middle barrier cliffs going the normal Monty Hall way probably would be more desirable because that way you can keep the northwest/south east expansions open like in Python and keep the relationship between the 12/3 starts the same and the 6/9 starts the same. But maybe you wanted it this way.

Either way I don't think it's bad.
The ramps are difficult because won't that make a shadow and give units on the ramp an excessive advantage?
modified by Allstar4
I had this exact idea. Not joking. O.o
Mineral Lines removed from ramps, as a request by TeamLiquid critics.

Adjusted the 2nd Mineral Only Expo in the Center Lane from a suggestion from a friend.
very cool. the execution isnt totally there but the concept is. theres a few things u can improve on - the backdoor entrances/expos need some sort of blocking mineral and possibly more flanking.

I think for this to truly work, you'll need to remake the map.
Seriously, the ramps r just.. lol funny :P

but yea, the idea had to come out sooner or later, so we cant even say the concept is so original..

Other than that, theres still work to do, but gj man, it stil isnt as bad as it may look.

So yea, just fix the ramps, remake the nw n se expos (way smaller, or new concept) and I think this could be a pretty good map. pZ.eRa, gj man :P

"Mineral Lines removed from ramps, as a request by TeamLiquid critics."

those guys have no clue rofl. those mineralblocks were needed!

Yeah, I need to re-add the mineral lines to the back ramps. I was a little tired when I removed the mineral lines and wasn't meant to remove the back ones. I'll fix it up probably tomorrow.
Besides the mineral lines are you making any other edits to this map at all?
I plan to play around with the proportions of the lanes today or tomorrow to see what I can work out, and maybe downsize some sections. I'll figure it out when I look at the map later.

since how small mains are and terrain, less mineral chunks should be set. or else ppl sit with their millions and cant build. i still love this map just less mineral :)
"had this exact idea. Not joking. O.o" Yeah, you and 903450934509 others. But pZ.eRa actually made the map :)

Eh, with the min walls on ramps you have pathing issues. Without, you have very micro-oriented gameplay between those positions, possibly the latter is better?

The mains are too small imo. The center is pretty large considering it only has 2 min onlys and 2 blocked paths through it. The expos in the corners of the middle are kind of awkward and tight, and pathing goes straight through them :(
The nats are kind of small and tight too, and could perhaps be moved closer to the islands? Can you use water along the edge of the island cliff, just to make the distance longer than tank range, and no more?
Is it possible to reform the corner islands (top left, bottom right) to be more like the shape of that in python? Kind of awkward shape. Also, the stuff sticking off of those islands is kind of awkward and imo unnecessary. The shape of those bases in python I think is to 1. provide room for buildings for p and t since the mains are somewhat lacking, and 2. to make them harder to turtle. I think your shape allows turtling and because it's an island doesn't really provide space for making buildings. So, I would reform the shape, and shrink it a bit and provide more room for the rest of the map.

Perhaps make the mains lowground to allow for more room, and to avoid having to use ramps. You could then add mineral walls in chokes if you wanted to keep more of Monty Hall's gameplay concept. Perhaps add mineral walls to the middle as well, providing more entrances into the middle. This imo combines Monty Hall's concept with Python's better. You don't need to stay strict to every aspect of one map or the other.

I think it would probably easier to start with an unprotected copy of Python 1.3 and start over. Most of the map's layout is Pythonesque, so you wouldn't have too much work ahead of you.

If you don't want to do all of these changes, and if you didn't mind I could do this myself, starting with Python 1.3. The product of my work would be a similar but decisively different map than what you made, so it wouldn't be a clone :)

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