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Last update for (4)Waterfalling 0.94 : 2007, 11, 21 00:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2599 (4)Waterfalling 0.94 128*128LML2.0beta

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 116 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Another map for the 'Experimantal Map Competition'.
Neat map, however it is 4 players not 2, please correct that.

What you used to create the waterfall effect is clever, but be aware that those sprites you placed at the bottom of the waterfall are only visible for 1-2 seconds or so at the begining of the game. The "action" sprite (explosions, recall, deaths etc) that is visible for the longest time is the terran nuke and that is only like 3-4 seconds or so. Unless you place them at the starting locations no one will see them.

Those side bridges are cool and the "ramp hill" is an interesting concept. We will have to figure out how best to exploit it for attack & defense.

The map is a bit tight and may favor terran but what the hell, you can't always get what you whant, let zerg and toss deal with it! Also make sure there are no tank drop spots next to the mains (towards the water).
I've fixed that thing to 4player (I've releasied it, when I played the map:D).
Also I've played an FFA with 4players on this, and it looked all fine, but since the T wasn't rly good (he doesnt play melee for long:/ ) and we all played some weird strats, we couldn't rly see it, but those guys like it, and I personaly like it too, it is fun to play. And the hill had the advantage that you can put your goons on it and when the other P comes with his goons you can shoot down without he seeing you 1st, untill he gets onto the ramp, aswell.
And as long as he is under the hill, he hits you only 70% :)
also I've changed the mineral formations at the bottom mains, since I found out that you can't manner pylon well on the top positions, but there was a good spot for it at the bottom positions. Even so I made the mineral fields chaning, b4 evry single one was typ1 >_<'

modified by LML
oh, and this spell thingy, ya, I knew it b4 I even made the map;)
But I am thinking about adding a trigger, so if you play ums you wont see the ugly point there and it would look as if the watter is walling down;D
Don't forget to upload a replay if you can.
got 2replays, the ffa and a 1v1, which isnt too well, but to show the map, ok.
what kind of trigger do cr8 sprites?
k, added both.

Crackling, that sprite is a hallucination, and I can created units with properties -> Hallucination and then directly kill it;)
but its gonna look a completly other way than now, u know?
Well, I know how it looks, since I've already used in for some tests, years ago:/
evry1 I've played this map with, kinda liked it, and especially the hill was loved:)
fixed some holes and the tankspots around the main.
Hmm, i knw you prolly wrked damn hard on deco, t least it looks like it, but try redoing 3 n 9 i think, that would make map real nicer (this is just an ppinion, idk if its a fact :O)
any good suggestion for it?
and don't say to just put some water there;) that would fuck it up.

also I just upload an update, qobble told me that the scv's on 2 o'clock go behind the minerals on one mineral field, I've seen it in the rep, fixed it.
this map rox, mmmm zerglings can run throw ur "high ground wall" thinga
did you test it? :/

I once was able to run through one with a ghost, so I fixed it asap. Didn't test evry single hole yet:/
I didnt really know what u could put at that place until now, well i think i do know, still not 100% sure :D

What i could see in that place fit pretty well would be a gas n mins expo at 3 n 9 halfway from mid, and behind em, another expo on a cliff with 2 ramps (1 going up, 1 going down) like rush hour expos style, but 2 ramps :O

what u think about that?
I am not sure if I got this correct, but wouldn't it then be so much easier to get both of those expansions, than now?! o.O'
well, not if the ramps r wide enough? also, with that, i think it would help flanking :D
I still not get it 100%, how you mean it, but I will try it as I understand it at home and upload some pic of it here.

modified by LML
ment it like this?!
modified by LML
more like right side, but with the min only mins toward middle, witha thin high ground making some sorta half or quarter circle to "protect" it (like ur mud but closer to mid by a bit idk)

but ya :D

what u think about it?

(btw i saw it a bit bigger with like the cliff closest to bottom having ramp that goes toward bottom and top going top, lil moe extended n roomtaking, but w-e ^_^)
modified by FateD

more like this?! ;o
lol nah, i mean like, if it would go almost as far as the water does, then go down with the ramps :P
(along with a bigger cliff n an expo on the cliff too)

and the lil half circle maybe even close by 1 square to middle..

btw, these arent dirrections lol, its only my opinion :D
modified by FateD
I still do not rly get what you mean, could you do it plz? thx;)
just the simple way you would make it like, upload the pic somewhere and post it here, thx.
fuck you LML, we dont want ppl like you here, begging for help but flaming our (better) maps on other sites like
I only flame imbalanced maps, such a those with fucking creep anywhere, rofl.
if there is any not so imbalanced map, which looks decent and could be fun to play I would never just think about flaming, but help to get ideas to improve their map. And don't forget how many of my shity maps got flamed and shit (even other players did on sites like rofl..) so I don't rly know what you want, when the others aren't even better, there is no need to flame a single one about such a thing.
and harrassing towards me anyways, so who cares?
modified by LML
well then just fuck off, i'd say.
cool incubus with a waterfall in the middle glad to see we are progressing our mapping skills into new things
I don't know why you guys say this would be incubus, incubus IS SO DIFFERENT, only same thing are those expos in the middle sides.. rofl.
lol LML, right now i cant really... i got this essay to writte.. so ill do it asap aight? :D
oh, you can take yourself time ;)
modified by LML
I made it on 1 side, but idk how to post it.. perhaps i could just email it to u? (PM me ok?)
upload the pic somewhere as a file and then use: <.img src="LINK TO THE PICTUREFILE".>
modified by LML
man, take for granted im retarded on internet, lol
so plz lemme just send it to u XD i know how to do that
What`d you think about it?
well, this should get edited then again, since it makes the map too narrow in the middle pathes. but I think it could be fine.
besides the fast, you could take botch again;O this time even easier with just taking the highground, defending the low ground ones;O
Well the concept wasnt defenetive, but i meant like something around that, it could prolly be fixed by moving the low ground 1 away a lil but idk

--LML, Synergy vs tOsS, TigersOrz(other, 1.15)
--LML vs tOsS(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs Synergy(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs Synergy(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs ReY(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs ReY(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs Synergy(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs tOsS(1on1, 1.15)
--LML vs tOsS(1on1, 1.15)
--LML; Scrathy vs Synergy; himachi(1on1, 1.15)
--LML; Scratchy vs Synergy; himachi(1on1, 1.15)

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