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Last update for (2)Spine Canyon : 2007, 11, 05 15:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2620 (2)Spine Canyon 128*128AdOgG0.2betaground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I made a 1v1 map with room for a lot of strategy (back doors and such)
and btw, the gas in the midle have 2500 each, not 5000
modified by AdOgG
i like the idea. but theres significant positional imbalance. both main chokes are different. 9 and 3 areas are different. red's surrounding wall isn't closed off all the way (near mineral line).

your maps can be executed a lot better. but that will come with time. nice idea :)
changed map, fixed the hole in wall and closed 2 backdoors
a lot better.
you should remove the resources in the center and leave that are for units to walk/fight

the 3 ways are not conected, plase make some nice ramps to move between the 3 ways.

your mineral formations, please check some of our maps to learn how to place the mineral fields.
you even have unreachable fields (you have to wait to totally mine a field so you can get the nex1, or you have to move all around so you can gather from behind)

there is no gass issue, but blue gass is more vulnerable, use the other optimal position for that gass please (you should know 2 optmal positions are tob center and left center)

all this empty space, what about some nice expo layout? this map has nothing else than nat and backdoor.
maybe some strategical ones like loki, or some islands or semi-islands. you have a lot of space there!

remember what i sayd about 128x28? and this is was you get...
alright, did what you said. i also added nexuses in the expos so it takes longer to start setting up defense around that area before the other team finds you.
northwest and southeast corners are still wasted space, it'll be ok if you add some semi-islands there.

also at 2 and 7, outside of the xel naga there is an empty space, maybe you can add a expo.

or maybe make an other map, your 3rd map will be terran than this, you have lerned melee basics ;)
Hmm btw, the biggest problems i find in most of your maps would be the lack of deco, minerald placing and prolly the fact tanks almost alwais can kill every expo (including mains) lol

So yea, I think you get the idea for the rest but just look at a couple other map at cliffs n stuff, how u can never drop anything in places where you arent meant to, or things like that
(also just for smoot visual ingame)

but yea.. getting better ! :D
Alright thanks for helping guys, Il make a good one soon!!!

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