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Last update for (4)Devotion : 2007, 11, 30 18:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2626 (4)Devotion 128*128TkTkVrooM0.8finalground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 40 points

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Comments:   GMCS (13 elements)

Ughhh dont really know what to say about it yet just started it not deco'd yet & idk prolly has many issues but i'm posting it early to see if its worth going on with
Hmm nice map :O

but yea 8th doesnt have gas like 2 does
modified by FateD
HOLY SHIT. this is probably one of the best maps i've seen since nazca. no lie. great stuff tk

there are some bad positional imbalances tho. Red and blue's mains are a lot smaller - not as much room to set up economy.

purple and teal's dual entrances should mimic red and blue's or vise versa... the differences shouldnt be there.

I dont like the chokes that lead to the dual entrances... it could be only personal opinion but i think you should have a wider passage to the entrances.

remove some of hte middle dividing walls??? Not sure if its necessary but an idea.

Other than that its a great map tk.. you work some stuff out and i'd push it like i've pushed nazca.
enough building room at blue??
short horizontal nat-to-nat dist.
nice job
Yeah, i really like the concept of this map, but it will be really hard for Zerg to FE vs Terran...
i agree with LGI. maybe 32 mineral block on one of the entrances?
and terran will be able to tear down the enemy's nat on some pos. as soon as t has the 3rd base.
other than that, i like the map's style
WOW!!! For once i've missed the tank range shit... Yep, tank range will be a pain in the ass at some positions...
you should place mineral blocks (like on peaks) on the ramps leading from main to minonly, this wouldnt even affect pathing
you should remake the mineralformations in the mainbases, since those are imbalanced. At the ones of teal and purp you can make a normal mannered pylon to cage one probe and on some open places, but at blue you could block 3mineral fields with only 1pylon (at bottom), while cageing one. At red you can also cage 2x 1probe.
seriously no1 has mentioned this yet??


im blue, hes green. he can tank one of my easy bases. same goes for all positions.

neutral top right and bot left expos... are pretty badly placed. red vs green red way closer to top expo, and they are about same distance to bot left due to ramp placement, same with other side.

all the bases are badly shaped, so no building room

horizontal 1v1 looks pretty bad in some MU due to being so close to eachothers expos, could be a pain TvP having to pre-flank before he comes, just to have him run vultures into your base or drop you.
inept's blue. i'm green... then, yeah i can place tanks in my minonly and inept won't be able to get his easy minonly...

but inept can place tanks behind the arcadia wall, and my nat gets arcadia-tanked.

i think purple and teal are wrong because their nats canbe arcadia-tanked.
inept says opurple and teal are the best because then can tank blue and red minonly?

then it is balanced!!!!!!! :D

okay, teal and purple minonly can be hited fron the highground.
blue and red nats cannot be tanked...


Very good map. I like how you balanced the chokes. You should be able to wall at all of them by putting stuff up against the edge of the map.

This is really neat. I feel like playing now.
Resource placement in the mains greatly reduced useable building space.
ok ok ima work on it niggas
place mineralblocks at the ramps to the minonlys!!!
Cool map. You need to fix it so that you can't tank any expansions from any mains, since this creates unfair positional imbalances (as already mentioned).

Of course a map like this also changes a lot of things in several matchups, namely ZvT. As it is right now zerg would basically have to do some sort of 12 pool speedling build, make a hatch at both expansions and make 1-2 sunks at each expansion. It's a weird map really because ther rushing distances are pretty long, yet fast expansion build orders are extremely vulnerable because of the extra base/choke that you have to defend. Placing a mineral block on the ramp to the min only would solve the rushing issue, but at the same time it would also completely ruin the originality of the map, at least early game.
no it wouldnt.
it would just become playable :)
like now its imba ...
The middle is as ugly as Amber Ridge one. =/

You should put some high dirt mixed with the high jungle.
and remove those temple walls... its to tight right now
come on protoss4ever you realy think i'd leave a map looking like that, i havent done shit to the deco yet i just tyring to get the map down 1st
I don't like that some naturals are safer than others :S

Where are Red and Blue supposed to build?
modified by PsychoTemplar
this map is very well done, good job
still need to fix stuff sorry im just really busy with work I'll have time to make changes monday <3
Great map concept but please move blue and red starting location closer to the edge of the map (left:blue, right:red). Also Inepts comment is very relevant if one of the minonlies is tankable from one of the mains in the horizontal matchup. Purple and teal seem to have more room so you can probably fix it by cutting out some space from the mains to make the minonly not tankable. Otherwise, great map!
"Just about everything which could be wrong with the map, is wrong, but other than that, it's grrrrrrrreeaaaaaat!!!11"

Gee, you guys aren't by any chance, looking only at the decoration? Oh, I know you guys never do that ;)
shit.... Joels right lmao
"Just about everything which could be wrong with the map, is wrong, but other than that, it's grrrrrrrreeaaaaaat!!!11"

Well yeah, that's sort of our point, most great maps are wrong. The perfect maps never get played!

: ^ )
modified by Lancet
k now what
k now what...
2 unfinished ramps.

8 expo is missing gas.

middle is very disoriented looking imo.

The dual entrances need to be redone.
8 expo has gas

i can work on middle

what is wrong with entrances
they're all different. make it so that the dual ramps' are together ---> making the unbuildable ground from each doodad touch. this way, walling will be a bit easier.
Stick blue's gas above the start instead of to the left, it's in a very annoying spot right now.
you have to close the entrance from main to min-only with a neutral building or a mineral patch!

if you dont do so, z wont be able to expand, otherwise t will run his mm/the p his zealots straight into your main >_<
z just cant afford enough money on sunk/lings to defend at 2 places in early game.
or a p going FE will get killed by lings just entering his main...
anyways z is the most fucked here -.-

to increase building space, put purpes minerals on top of his main and blues at the bottom of his

you should also balance the nats a bit, move all minerals as close to the main as its at purples nat.

the middle should stay just opened, the map has allready enough "special" things in it, just keep it like now to get a nice-to-play-map.

maybe ask testbug formaking a pokemon in the center as deco? BUWAHAHAHAHA :D:D:D:D

anyways, work on this map plz, it has so much potential!
yeah i know i still working on it, im a busy girl with lots to do
tktkvroom I did not know you were a girl.

Guys I think that we should clean up our language in our posts at this web site.
"Guys I think that we should clean up our language in our posts at this web site"
Fucking hell, fag Lancet is fucking right! Our shitty language is fucking filthy, like a fucking cum guzzler! Shitting fuck... we need to clean up this fucking filthy language!
You are going to upset tktkvroom.

: ^ )
guys come on i'm on my period i'm really stressed out atm & have cramps
fixed those ramps added gas fixed tank spots & bought more tampons
i did not download the map because i really dislike it because of the possitional imbalances. ut i'm in love with tk so i'll wrte what i found:

-3 ramps have unwalkable tiles, i'll gmcs.
-red MAIN is tankable
-zergling can walk from purple nat to purple minonly in 1 place, zerglings can walk between blue minonly and blue nat through 2 diferent ways
-teal nat-to-minonly zergling path is blocked by mienral fields, red doesn't have a nat-to-minonly zergling path.
-mutalisk are really good vs purple, it's the only start location that can be harassed a lot.
-please, fix the tankable nats/minonly positional imbalance.
-deco added
-purples main minerals moved so muta harass wont be as ez
-unwalkable tiles fixed
-holes in nat/min only walls filled

so now i just need to block those ramps leading to min onlies with a mineral do i do that?
Just place a mineral block on the ramp then go Edit > Properties and fix its value in the resources window.
yeah one problem.......scmdraft2 doesn't let me put a mineral on a ramp
click on the file, hit the delete key, then right click your recycle bin, and click empty recycle bin
option>units>oplace buildings anywhere?
or click on the file, hit the delete key, then right click your recycle bin, and click empty recycle bin
lol Xd... We live in a democratie right? I'm sry but since we do, i spose ull have to do it the nightmarj00's way !_! O_o lol
"yeah one problem.......scmdraft2 doesn't let me put a mineral on a ramp"

Of course it does, experiment with the unit settings in the options menu.
it does but doesn't show up in map
word on the street is that like antyman helped me make this map
goddamn finish it >.<

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