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Last update for (4)Neutralatic : 2007, 11, 17 18:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2634 (4)Neutralatic 128*128neobowman0.3betaground

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

New map I made, haven't added doodads yet and, as the name suggests, all the expos excluding the main and nat are neutral. Not sure about what effect this will have on gameplay but I hope it will be interesting.
I would hate to play against a terran opponent in a horizontal position to me.
can p play fe in pvz?..dont think so
Z can't fe in ZvP too. Zerg has to make 4 hatches i think... unplayable...
Anything I can do to fix it or is it absolutely unplayable? -_-
modified by neobowman
rofl guys. Entirely different and not macro-motivated gameplay does not equal unplayable.

The thing I see about the map is the large amount of unused space, and the general lack of flank room. The nat area imo is way too large; I understand why you'd make it open, but parts of that won't be used at all, and you could edit it to allow more space to the rest of the map.
The islands are kind of awkward, with the position of the resources and stuff.
Also, I'd rather the top and bottom mineral onlys weren't in media res (the middle of things). More structure to the expos would help the map I think.
This isn't "unplayable" at all. Jesus christ since when did an inability to fast expand easily equal unplayable? Hell, I don't see how FE is impossible either; you just block off the choke like you normally would with pylon/forge and expand to the protected natural expansion. Zerg has to go 3 hatcheries, with the first hatch being at the choke, so they would indeed get the short end of the stick economically. Best way to solve that would probably be to move the start positions closer to the chokes so you would be able to sunk off of you main creep.

Stop whining
Forgot to mention that I edited it after my last post. A fair bit of neglect from me, sorry I didn't metion it earlier.
Just place a neutral creep colony at the entrance to the main, that way zerg can place sunkens there without the need to 3 hatch.
modified by Lancet
No, that's dumb lancet.
same middle concept with high dirt > dirt of "Free Fall"
i think TvP - 2gate will be very good at this map or at least zealot rush since terran always(often) is needed to "terran wall"
but ez to wall...
"No, that's dumb lancet."

That is just a way for zerg not to have to 3 hatch, it can be placed in such a way that it will not prevent terran from walling in. This has been tried in other maps and it is a way to balance them if the nat does not "defend" the main. There are other things you can, this is just one of them.
man... I`ve alwais wanted to orc vs zerg !!!
and with this map looking like wc3 (see middle) im sure ill be able to!!!! w00t
Lancet, your idea is dumb because it adds unnecessary stuff for one, and would have the opposite effect that the map's concept does. The idea isn't to make it another macro map, lol.
Block off the temple chokes with a xel'naga temple or two, that should fix the FE problems (Zerg only being able to 3hatch isn't fun).
OK, I lost you, how will placing a creep near the choke turn it into a macro map?
Or don't, because z doesn't need to FE in any shape or form oO
are you kidding me? z RELIES on FE Oo
Okies slightly decreased nat sized and added a neutral creep colony. Sorry if this goes aginst what you say but I trust the folks at warboards more than the guys here.
neobowman, I suggested the creep colony and I am one of the folks "here". However, what I had in mind is to place the creep colony further out. The way you placed it terran and toss will not be able to build any structures in the choke.

Hey, I finally found the map here that has a creep at the nat's entrance. It is called Fly_me_to_the_Moon_1 (map ID 2496) but it's originally from Mapdori.
modified by Lancet

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