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Last update for (4)Waters of Exgelia : 2007, 11, 18 01:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2635 (4)Waters of Exgelia 128*128Lancet0.6experimentalisland

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 28 points

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It took a long time but here it is! My "water skying" map. The starting locations in the null tiles have 12 stacked (Mapghost & PsychoTemplar's idea) mineral clumps of 750 each (equivalent to 6 of 1500) and the high ground expos have 9 mineral clumps. Apart from the geyser in the null tiles all the gas is across the water on the islands. The null tiles are surrounded by tree sprites (PsychoTemplar's idea).

Now, zerg players complain about island maps, right? Flo gave zerg an edge in his map Mirage-II by blocking the expo with a neutral mine that required detection to remove (which zerg has first:overlord). Here I use this idea and the null tiles to try to give zerg a bigger edge.

What are the plusses for zerg in this map?

1) All the gas expos in the islands are blocked by a mine so you need detection (turret/radar, cannon/observer, overlord) to remove it.

2) To move a drone/SCV/prove over the water effectively you need to click on the island destination and with overlords zerg can do this faster, although terrans can use flying buildings to spot for their SCVs.

3) Zerg can also water sky units produced in its null tiles hatchery over to the island for defense. It is possible for zerg to water sky units (lings, hydras, lurkers etc) a long distance but it requires island hoping (clicking to make the units move from one island to another before they make it there but it takes skill and time).

Water Skiing Instructions:

1) move your unit close to the nulltile/water edge
2) click on the island destination (preferably on the center of the island) that is closest (it will not work with the faraway islands). For workers it is easier if you click on mineral clumps.
3) supervise your unit to make sure that it is doing what you want it to do
4) do not click on the water or your units will move erratically.
5) the island in front of the null tiles is the best destination but is also possible to move to the island at right angles to it by clicking on it at the moment your unit is say halfway through to the first island.

Be cautious with the null tiles, they sometimes make units move erratically, they seem to have some hidden topography in some places, the less you move in them the better. Set rally points close to the starting location. If you give a worker a command (like build on the geyser) SUPERVISE IT TO MAKE SURE IT GETS EXECUTED and also to make sure the worker does not exit the null tiles.

Once a unit exits the null tiles to the land it cannot return. Interestingly I have discovered that a unit can enter the null tiles if it is on the water (this is why I made it hard in this map for zerg to water sky units produced in their null tile hatchery over to the enemy's location).

Please experiment a little on your own before playing the map. Unfortunately the comp does not play null tiles well. Please let me know what you think of this map or if you have any problems and also upload any replays if you play it. Thank you!
awesome layout and execution :D
Do you have to start out on null terrain to use it? Or can you enter null terrain from land?

Interesting map.

Can units on the water go up onto high cliff from the water?
Thanks Nasty and Nightmarjoo! Part of the layout is to prevent zerg from water skiing units across the map to the other bases! Once a unit comes out of the water towards land, it can't return to the water.

Nightmarjoo, yes you start out on null terrain, you can leave the null terrain towards land but then you can't come back.

Your second question is interesting. what Templar and I have been doing is placing the null tiles right next to high land so units can go from null to high. In this map units can certainly go from water to land (dirt). I don't know if units can go from water to high dirt. My guess is that yes but I will try it out to be certain and let you know what I find.
zerg somtimes only expand for gas, tech muta i would think on this map, bah nvm hard for me to talk about balancing when i never played this kinda "nullterrain" maps. i just like adding a comment since i like this map.
anyhow i believe terran is worst at this map but i dont base that on alot, just that z start with overlord and cannons are often used for FE with protoss while terran turret often isnt used before expand
spidermines only on the islands, right?
so P can fast expand only on the mins only nat, untill they get to see and island and got a detector there.
great idea, in my opinion and good balanced for Zergs.
12 x 750 stacked next to main building is NOT equal to 6 "normal" mineral blocks.

a) more harvesters can mine at a time (favors t and p)
b) faster harvesting due to small distance to main building

Note that I don't say anything about whether this is good or bad - dunno. That map is weird enough.
1 thing that i really dont like from this concep, if i understand it well at least, is that zerg can simply rush any1, and no other race can... :/
(thats bc their main hatch is on the null so it makes the units start on the null.. :O
Nightmarjoo, yes, units can move directly from water to high dirt! Thanks for asking that question, it gave me new ideas!

FateD, sorry for creating confusion. I can use the cheat code "black sheep wall" to move units across the map by clicking from island to island but even then it's not easy as the water corridors are narrow (on purpose)and often units get trapped in the islands along the way. It would be very hard and time consuming for a zerg player to do this during a game using overlords to spot the islands.

uC.MorroW, but terran could maybe float some barracks to make marines for defense at the island expo.

LML thanks, yes the mines are only on the islands.

spinesheath, yes thanks, I forgot to mention that. You are going to be getting a lot of minerals and gas fast here. Now I don't quite understand why this would favor T and P? Is it because the zerg drones have to morph into buildings? You are saying that T and P will have more workers to mine? Toss can really warp with one probe only but Terran needs to engage their SCVs and once an SCV leaves the null tiles to build it cannot return to mine. But you know what I can do, I can reduce the number of minerals at the starting location, what do you think? My goal is to make an island map that will balance P v Z or even favor zerg a bit.

Hey guys, you don't have to play the map but just download it and mess around with it for a few minutes just to check out how land units can move accross the water!
p and t always have more miners than z lol
OK, so then zerg will get less minerals than P or T per unit time, right? But zerg buildings cost less and build faster, so doesn't that balance? In any case what I could do like I said above is reduce the number of minerals like Templar did in his maps Chaos Darkness and Out of the Void to reduce this edge that P or T would have over zerg.

Well, as I said: I didn't talk about balance when I mentioned the minerals.

I don't know how it will work out on this map, but it is a given that zerg produces drones slower than other races once you get your first 9 drones. You need to fit overlords inbetween, and you need your drones to build. p needs only 1 probe, t might want to use 2 or 3 SCVs.

I can't judge balance here without playing the map, which I don't have the time for at the moment.
Really cool, but check to make sure Valks can still fire, cause it looks like you might have used a lot of doodad sprites :X Arkanoid has something like 35 per player, so if you're keeping around that, you should be fine.
Templar, hello! Don't be a stranger man, we have lots of new maps to make!

As it is there are 35.25 sprites per player.

Hey you have some experience with the stacked minerals, what do you think about the issue me and spinesheath discussed above? You think there are too many in the starting location for this map?
Nightmarjoo, there is a limit of 200 sprites, are you talking abou that?

Hey has anybody downloaded this map? I mean not necessarily to play it but just to see the units moving accross the water? Try it it's fun!

Upload replay for this map
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