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Last update for (4)I Search 4 U1.5 : 2008, 03, 13 17:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2636 (4)I Search 4 U1.5 128*128NastyMarine0.8experimentalground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 42 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

11 - Blitz

1 - Peaks

5 - Hitch

7 - RoV

Most of the original map concepts have been changed so, by theory, I can balance them. And of course the terrain isn't incorporated from each map fully; that is done so I can merge everything together.

The common theme for these maps is that they all are 2 player maps that have mains on high ground.
modified by NastyMarine
The temple ramps an ugly as hell...but I guess it can't get much better.
wow thats nice
fantasy already had RoV and the temple wall just sux.
can't you add something else like Arcadia, Desperado or loki?
purple doesn't have 3rd gass.
but a very safe minonly

where is blue 3rd expo?? RoV 3gass?

sorry but you can do it better.
blue's third is at 12.

purple does have third gas.
I think I did pretty well on this thank you very much :o
these stuff are craaaazyyyy :D. cool map, i see the 4 maps in it well
if som1 would ask me if this was imba i wouldnt have a clue what to say, what u say nasty`?
Map looks all right but I loathe the name. "4" and "u" should never be used in place of words.

as for balance, I really couldnt say. I tried to set up the terrain and expos to try to set up some sort of balance. Can't really say that there is balance tho :O
Teal Z vs Purp P, i really don't know how protoss will handle.
Make a mix-map with parts from Fantasy, this map and the likes :p
hmmm, idea is cool... but hell, in a 1v1, id prolly just pray im not purp in any case lol
Man you have ti di something about the fact 1 of his entrance, is wide open, 1 is barely blocked by 2,5k building (and wide enought to countain nat and all... etc..
Well.. The only problem that is obvious in this map is that to me :O

Just fixing that would be cool
(sry but idk how to really)
oh wow, hitchhiker came out pretty well.
Overall a bit tight imo, but I think it's decent. Isn't zerg overmind 2500 hp? Maybe use that intead of the psi disruptor which is only 2000, I dunno. Xel naga is a bit too much imo, and psi disruptor too little I think.

The only real imbalance I see (outside of the obvious irrelevant imbalances) is that teal has no 4th expo of his own, but all the others do. Perhaps switch out rov for something with a 4th expo that'll fit? =/
Clever the way you weaved the maps together. My concern is purple's position. It will have 3 chokes to its main when the neutrals are gone plus a pathing issue before they are gone.
Purple is for the real men to play.
purple's drawback is obviously the 3 entrances. but he does have an EASY fourth expo which in my opinion, could make up for it.
the whole map is based upon what position vs what position. there are specific pros and cons that each 'map'/starting area has which is really great about the map. I think i accomplished some sort of idea of balance here. whether mineral count or terrain manipulation.
modified by NastyMarine
Why those 'combo maps' are always in jungle?
Space is ugly, desert/twilight/ice aren't as easily manipulated terrain-wise, ash is very inflexible/ugly, that leaves badlands and jungle, and people prefer jungle to badlands evidently.
Somehow jungle maps are more accepted in the SC: BW community... And if someone wants to be seen in the community, he makes jungle map. Well at least this gives him some advantage... Not that the other types of terrain aren't good.
2 replays were added, but they were wrong reps; they were some wgt finals on python -.-
I deleted them.
I'm really quite fond of this
how did this get so low ranking? its a good balancing for beeing different totally.
because the rating system basically does not reflect how good a map is.
Most members here look for at least some sort of concrete balance. It seems if a map isnt at least 90% balanced then it is not good at all :o

The other mappers just enjoy seeing new and fun concepts that have some sort of decent balance work.
modified by NastyMarine

modified the temple ramps. more compact and possibly making T > all. Not sure though but I was tired of the really bad blends. I'm not sure how to go after the inverted temple ramps but i'll see what I can do.

If you wanna take a shot at it go right ahead :)
also I added some more neutral buildings for the hitchhiker area.
go and get some better blinds for templeramps >.<
:O Crazy looking map you got there, Nasty. I'll try to save the next replay of any 2v2 I play.
on HH, the nat is lurkable from the highground, just move minerals closer

--aYa.Amethyst vs NastyMarine(1on1, 1.15)

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