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Last update for (4)ironcurtain1.01 : 2006, 12, 21 22:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
400 (4)ironcurtain1.01 128*128skb9728_CyGnus1.7league

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 116 points


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thx to "darknessteve" from board for publishing the map file.
The idea is nice, on one hand its and air-map, on the other a ground map, and later in game it is a fully ground map.

But, if you're on one side with a Terran, you're simply dead. You can't surround the incoming T and he simply pushes towards your pase and erases it. And even if your enemy is on the other side of the map, then you can only take the other mainbase as a defendable expansion. Otherwise every range unit kills your ecoline at the middle expansions. Maybe Terran again could get rid of this problem with tangrange and tanks in the eco line.

I'd say this map favours Terran a lot, but the idea itself is nice somehow. Anyway, maybe i'm not right and some replays prove me wrong! i looove replays :)
ill assume that lings cant pass near minerals.
well its a non ramp map and that favors z and p vs t.
and you could also press a probe trough minerals and make gateways or cannon ruches.
should work with scv as well...
only z can't
Yes, i don't see it that T favouring now as back then as i commented first. The map itself is somehow awesome, the shape is great, i really like it.
I just uploaded a funny replay on this map, 56 minutes long. i really liked the match, plenty of action with almost everything 2 tosses can put on the battlefield, but i didnt really like the map though. 4 expansions for each player on an airmaps almost automatically leads to turtling on both sides. then its all about the middle expos, which can be pretty imbalanced depending on races. for mirror matches this map can be nice i believe.
its a 2v2 player map :)
Well, it is thought more for 2on2. But in whatever mappack it will be, it will be played 1on1 too.
...This is a tealplay map
no no
this is THE BEST teamplay map :)
i've seen beautiful games on it.
2v2 all the way. toss is bad here if t or z are on other side of map due to no ability to scout. keww

--zOrg[Fp] vs xOr.GaNg[FP](1on1, 1.13)

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