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Last update for (4)iCCup H.o.t.S. : 2007, 11, 20 10:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2638 (4)iCCup H.o.t.S. 128*128flothefreak & Panschk0.6finalground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 30 points


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updated version for iCCup
filled up empty space with minonlies, and opened the map. also did many small changes.

if panschk agrees on this version, i'll give this version free for yello-ant to use.
Could you remove some doodads pls? The map looks okay but the doodads are just... far too many.
lol. I guess it won't be the worst iccup map, but...
it's fun and cool. i have no problem with it becoming popular or something. it is more theme map than anything, though.

but it's rocking!
Map looks cool but why all expos are blocked by creep or buldings? IMO 'backdoor low ground areas' should be buildable.

Worst map list on iccup looks like this:
1. Random new Pro map
2. Python
3. Rest

modified by Prezes83
did you test the map at i remember Nasty's Destination failed because of the zerg special buildings...
So how does this iCCup thing work? Are they requesting maps for a competition from everyone or what? Where do you send the maps?
what? how did my map fail? lol
LOL flo????? what is wrong with you? every nat choke is totally different for every start loc! you can do better than that man
it's an older map nasty, and you know this...
i am reworking my old maps, but i havent done this one yet. yello wants it, though.

buildings show up ingame, testbug
1356 doodads! :D
There are maybe too much but it looks nice...
Protoss4Ever, that's exactlyu my opninion!
this is a terran > protoss map

Worst map list on iccup looks like this:
1. Python 1.1
2. Python 1.2
3. Python 1.3
I agree. I trust flothefuhrer blindly on any map-related issue;-)
oh, minerals in mains are 50000 each ^_^

Worst map list on iccup looks like this:
1. Random new Pro map
2. Python
3. Rest"

nah, worst maps are
1. ofc those newbie new pro maps
2. survivor (why only 7 mineral fields in main and 6 at nat WTF MAN?)
3. Luna/LT ;)
if you think 7/6 is a badsetup on survivor you are a fuckin idiot at mapping

P.S. doesnt change the fact that I agree with you, that it is a terrible map. but 7/6 was about the only thing done correct and you chose this to make fun of, lol)
modified by lnept
I played this map today. If ur T or P it's really hard to rally (big) units from 5+ Fax/Gate on natural (it's total mess with units trying to pass by worker in natural), so you have two options. 1 Rally on cliff in main when u want to attack with 30+ units you will get a circus on ramp. 2. You can rally units near those tree close to natural entrace (it's to risky IMO). Thats what I think.


Survivor - (I don't care if in i get 7/6/6 or 10/10/10) one tank near entrance can kill half of your workers in nat + have enough range to blast nex/cc/hatch + have enough range to hit ramp. Remove this 'feature'and it will be played more often maybe.

Luna/LT are always on the top of 'hated outdated maps'so it's no need to talk about them.
modified by Prezes83
i like the map
well blame yello-ant for picking survivor and hots as league maps. i dont feel like they're my best either.

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