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Last update for (4)Vietnam War : 2007, 12, 17 19:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2664 (4)Vietnam War 128*128Mizoguchi0.1betaground

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

blues main doesnt have gas!

other than that its pretty nice; id just thin out the cliff and make the expoes at 11, 1, 7, and 5 min only with 6-7 min patches
ehm.. teal has 7mineral fields
also the mains are too small, you can fix this by making the cliffs narrow so you cannot put units on it and when you make it form inside the main, the main will grow, so it will be at least a lil bit bigger.
and.. well, I guess small units can run through the forests, is that right?! :o

modified by LML
There is a problem with your map when I try to play it, only the tress in the left forrest and a few of the tress in the top part of the right forest show correctly. The rest appear as stumps! I have no idea what happened. I thought you were using sprites but they are doodads. Could it be that you reached the "doodad limit" here? LOL!

Otherwise great concept but as only smaller units can cross those forest without messing up their pathing the nats will be basically wide open to say an M&M, zeal and ling attack in say the vertical matchups. In the horizontal or diagonal matchups it won't matter because there are less trees. Check for tankspots in the hills around the main. Gas issue in the SE main.
This map is such a waste of an awesome name.
this layout comes veeeerrry-very close to the one from 2 worlds.damn!but compared with that map this here is a very lousy execution.

and this entire abuse of doodads is a mess,btw
Yeah, all trees are cut off. That sucks because it must have taken a fuckin long time to place them.

Lancet, placing the gas on the left side is no gas issue. Left and Top gas have the same amount of gas transfered in the same time. Only bottom or right gas are gas issues.

How could one fix the cut of trees?
it's just too much work for nothing.if u like this layout play 2 worlds.he could fix himself his map if he wants.
Ooops sorry Scout, you are right, I must have been cross-eyed or something, probably one of my 1 AM posts.

Hey, I really wonder what happened to the doodads in this map, I have never seen this before. Do you guys have any idea?
There exists a sprite limit to ensure there are enough sprites for unit sprites (valkyrie missiles, etc); if you have too many sprites you can't place anymore in order to not mess up the game.
But these aren't sprites, they are doodads. Flo's map Home of The Swarm has 1,600 plus doodads (as well as a few sprites) and there is no problem.
trees use sprites
not all doodads use sprites
nightmar, you need to explain me how to make not "cut in middle" trees :( lol
Thanks (sort of) Nightmarjoo

OK, so that makes sense but you know how if you use about 200 sprites in scmdraft2 the program does not allow you to place more and you get a message saying you have reached the sprite limit? Well, then using these doodads that also have sprites must work differently. The program allows you to place them but the map is screwed up.

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