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Last update for (2)Mirrari II : 2008, 01, 05 19:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2718 (2)Mirrari II 96*960.1betaground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 6 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Big LOL from me here :)

But now for real:
First of all this map is space not Jungle, and it is 96x96. Author = Testbug. That are the firstthings i would change :) Like this map alot, infact it is 96x96 ( love this size) and has a good layout. I don't like those ugly ramps at 1 and 7. Looks a bit plain for the big Testbug (hope it was you). Maybe make the decoration a lil nicer :D

PS: Is this a game between you and Crackling like You copy my map and win MOTM, so i'll copy your map and win MOTM ???
modified by ptar
this map is awesome
I think the gas expos in the middle can be removed, no1 would expo in the main fighting zone oO
The only thing that i don't like is in Z vs T MU when T comes to Z nat, he can sige his tanks on a very good spot just before the ramp, coming from the center... Not only that they will be hard to reach, also they will attack the nat minerals... So fix this and it's perfect...
LML: in tvz, a terran might be able to use one of those expoes, backed up by a few tanks atop the cliff.

This map seems by far tighter than gaia, and once terran gets a hold of his ramp in the middle, it might be pretty imba...
what id do is take out that mid expo, and make the ramp take the whole place in middle, not just most of it
my comment is very good
This map is terrible lol do you guys play starcraft?

Tanking is god-awful, muta harass is so unstopable it's hillarious, tvp is so easy because the pathing is so linear and tight, the middle expos are just retarded because only terran can realistically take them, there's way too much gas for such a small and tight/linear map, the mains are annoying like python's for building placement.
I like the bridge/ramps to the gas expos, nice for z in zvt, but I dunno how well balanced they are for the other mus. Kind of gay for zvp I'd imagine, so easy to turtle =/
The neutral ccs (assuming those are neutral ccs and not just placed for the picture) are interesting but don't help much I'd think. Just means z is going to take the gas expo first zvp if p goes FE and z skimps on lings (the timing might work out though that 2 lings can kill the cc in time, but I somehow doubt it oO).
I do like the expo layout of main, nat, min only, gas expo, gas expo on alternating altitudes like in Shakras, but it just doesn't work that well on this map because it's so small.
The wrapping pathing never works well. Look at (2)Velocity, it'd be great if the distances weren't so fucking long.
Check GMCS!

the game splits up and both has their sides. terran doesnt have to attack since both got equal expands

okey listen now Zerg should have most expands then prtoss, then terran.

making a map look like this favour terran very much and btw i agree with everything Nightmarjoo said

what do GMC mean?
gmcs, below the picture, and above the first comment.
what? :S im retarded so more help plz, whats GMC
GMCS = Graphical Map comments.
You have to look under the picture, there its says Comments: GMCS (3 elements). You have to click on it to view the GMCS :)

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