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Last update for (2)Touch of Love : 2008, 01, 05 14:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2719 (2)Touch of Love 96*96FateD0.3betaisland

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmm, heres another map from me :D

Once more...

**uses almost a copy/paste**

Deco isnt done and I do have to change details here n there, and btw, theres a DT blocking the nearest min only expo

anyway, whatd u guys think? :D
very interesting... I like it. May I pimp this idea??
lol sure :D
uh, I 1st thought it is a ghost:D
idk where u saw the ghost man lol, but it was meant to be somekind of eye :)

(with everything converging to it somehow)
Island map, OK I guess. Those geysers behind the minerals at 12 and 6 will probably not get used much. Maybe get rid of the land in the center and leave it all water? The name is a bit "strange", I don't get the map theme.
I don't think the dt is necessary, I think it's just inconvenient.

How about making the python island have double gas or something, else it's not that important strategically imo.

How about making one geyser at 6/12 useful normally, and have the other one hidden directly behind the 3rd block to be freed by mining; it'll be a lot less awkward to mine the geyser if it's there, and I think it's kind of silly to have to mine 1500 minerals to get another gas, by the time you do that you won't have any minerals left and the gas will be fairly useless.

The main space is lacking. The python island has room you could annex for the mains, and with the middle being useless yo ucould soak up some of that into the mains also (where the water is).

I don't think there's enough room for static d at the python islands. On python atleast, the idea is not that you can't turtle them, but that even if they turtle the island you can effectively attack it.

Other than that I like the map, I think it's pretty playable. Grab me if you want games, etc. I'm iM-Nightmarjoo on east.
island maps like this r just boring^^
that dt would just spoil

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