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Last update for (4)Megalomania : 2008, 01, 12 16:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2745 (4)Megalomania 128*96Starparty0.4betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 19 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Made for the 2v2 competition
Very interesting to say the least.
I'm skeptical about the xel nagas. 3 xel nagas will take most of the game to get through I'd think, and 6 would be like impossible. I think 1 or 2 per player would be more realistic, though I have no idea if I'm right or wrong here.
was made with protoss temples originally but it felt a bit little instead. idea was to have a substantial amount of wall to break through. rushing wasnt really intended. more of a safe expansion for the team,should they begin on the same side
I think it might be hard for Zerg and Terran/Toss teams due to the fact that the zerg's fe creep will leak over to the other side so they can't get their nat.
Very cool :O
newboman, that is a good point, ill have to think about that. although it could also be a factor to recognize in a teamplay situation - not to fuck each other up :p
FE Zerg in 2v2 is kind of suicide TBH :S Especially on a map with a back door, and a nat that really doesn't guard your ramp. IMO it's a non-issue.
Mwuhahaha, thats the concept i would made for this competition, and you know why i would have such an idea? Because of your previews Team map competition, where no one was able to complete!
teal vs red will create a huge macro game while teal vs purple will make more of a micro thinking game.
very nice when a map is from different perspectives

ill think this map be gr8 2v2 and 1v1
i think u should have 2 xel naga instead of 3 :S
modified by uC.MorroW
obviously we have this damn pathin issue again though.. and i wanna try 3 temples before i change it. as i said, i dont want that path to be useable unless you actually focus on it
Try making the path like a half circle. Starting from where it is, then going back to the map edge, then going back to the start, in the middle of this will be your expand. Do you remember (4)Wizzy Noise? Thats how i fixed this path issue.
i dont think that would work, seing the placements of the ramps it would still fuckup
idk, all this expos with such huge amount of resources...and the short distance between the mains...not even in a 2v2 map.and it plays after the motto - my way or the highway
Well, if you're 2 zergs in 2n2, 1 player feing is very common and no suicide at all - being backed up by a 9 pool. On maps with "normal" distances, that is.
Somebody played too much Guilty Gear!
Very interesting concept, and I like the fact that the game will develop wildly differently depending on the teams' starting positions. Good

I do however feel that the distances between the mains are way, way, way too short. Remember what happened on DMZ? Scv rushes. Lots and lots of scv rushes. Every game. I'm afraid the positions are actually so close that this will be a very viable strategy. My sugestion would be to back the mains down a little bit from one another, thereby decreasing the size of the back expos, which I see no reason for being so large anyway.

Fix the distances (including the high ground to high ground ones) and you have a very cool map that should play out incredibly well.

I don't know if the amount of temples are right; only play-testing can answer that question.
modified by Beater
ill see what i can do.
Oh yeah, I'd also make those huge exps outside the mains into two seperate exps due to the issue neobowman mentioned with the creep.
about the expo, making them opposed? mineral and gas in the middle. That should fix the creep issue.
About the scv rush, i think this is no the case because in DMZ everyone can rush any base, and they can do it at the same time. Here if they rush, it's 2 1on1 which is not as safe. Also, early scouting will let you prepare for an scv rush/ling rush.

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