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Last update for (2)Heroes_1.1 : 2009, 04, 18 11:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2769 (2)Heroes_1.1 128*96flothefreak0.6finalground

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 26 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

finished a map that i had as scratch on my comp since nightmarjoos last competition (where i submitted (2)SnowShock).

this map has quite a few expos for a 2player map, but notice that most of them are low on mineralblocks, promoting a gas-heavy play. so it isnt as macrotastic as it seems, especially when taking a closer look to the minonly: your 3rd expo isnt as easy as you'd guess: you can only take it after having mined your natural expo completely. you should be able to mine it from the other side without confused probes, though but i havent tested yet (at all). maybe i'll block the spot so you need to wait until the natural is empty.

i tried to create a mirrored top-to-bottom map with the whole map being used and provide enemy's expos and yours close together so you'll need to fight.
its cool, main gas should be on top (like python)
Great map, i love it!
small update (deleted a misplaced doodad)
oh, and i will need to reshape right main mineral formation. you can do a badass mannerpylon there but you cannot on left.
man whites minearls r really shitty placed :(
this makes me remember the oldschool innovative style of bwmn. very nice execution and style. This type of main set up has been a classic style for u. nice work.
I played this map vs crackling, I don't really like it.

Miners on the nat will sometimes drift to the backdoor min only. You can't use the min only til the nat is mined out unless you place building behind it, in which case it's hard to defend it, and you get annoying pathing issues anyway.

There's no flank room basically, and the gas is pretty easy to get, especially considering that.

7 mineral block main is annoying.

The mains in general are annoying, long distance from main2nat, and lots of empty space along the way. I'll gmc where I think they can be better placed.

The back expos just feel awkward, and the paths leading there are hard to use because of the min only.

It feels weird to have 12 be min only, maybe take gas out of the expos at 11 and 1, and give 12 1 or 2 geysers. I'd then move the backdoor min only back a bit and make it not in the way, reduce the water a bit and make the ramp leading to that plateau atleast double ramp sized.
Maybe add a path between the two back gas expos or something; if you're afraid of distances you can move the expos into the corners, just like in blitzx.

I don't care for the 6 expo, but it's not "bad" I guess. I'm sure you could do something to or around it to make it "better", though I really don't have any ideas myself.
T>P cuse there are so many secure expands

the map is good very nice
This post is not displayed due to its content
rofl@ carkling, don't be so harsh. xD
uploaded a rep. also reshaped mins@main and minonly to ensure working concept (now no drones go to the minonly when having your natural)
rofl crackling :D, come europe@ op m-b and ill kick ur ass
OK map, that minonly is an interesting idea but since it won't be mined till after the nat I am not sure what the impact of that will be. Maybe reduce the mineral count on the clumps of minerals that block the minonly from being mined (shift the balance to the other non-blocking clumps) so the minonly will be available for mining sooner.
i updated one of my maps so i like it some more =)

list of changes:
-moved start loc. closer to the ramp and nat
-top minonly reshaped (more protected) but added a 3rd ramp on each side
-access to those 3 ramps tightened
-deleted two bottom and one center expansion and replaced them with a special, precious double gas expand. but you need drop or hop to expand there. it's safe to melee units but very vulnerable to everyone else ;) i think this kind of expo makes for an interesting element.
-changed some terrain here and there, mostly at the bottom cliffs and the paths leading to them
the 2 expos at 7 and 5 were very strategical, it was very funny and tactical, i rememebr the replay where protoss caped in a shuttle, and colonized the 2 expos, while zerg had the middle expo.

i liked the old version a litte more
after a first testing, i decided to give each player the same amount of minerals in his mainbase ;/

changed the minerals in main and nat:
mains have 7x1500 + 1x500
nats have 4x2000 + 5x500, those last mined open the spot for a nexus/cc/hatch at the backdoor minonly. with normal value, that spot opened just too late.
also, bad mining in the mains due to bad mineral placement corrected, hereby removed an imba mannerpylon spot at right main.
i am not sure, what number of probes at the natural causes confused workers, but i will test ingame if the critical mass is high enough so this shouldnt happen, esp. not before the low minerals are mined.
modified by flothefreak
-reinstalled the expos testbug spoke of for several reasons
-the top cliff was a cool tactical element, but seemed to strong for terran pushing
-better mineral placement in mains

--flothefreak vs 1thing(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs nB.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--flothefreak vs ez]nosu(1on1, 1.15)

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