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Last update for (3)Frostmourne : 2009, 04, 05 22:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2782 (3)Frostmourne 128*128Testbug1.7finalground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 95 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

edited the pic so you can see rocky snow and moguls.
but i'll try a better pic later
Ah, vertical mud ramps ;D
Looks great so far.
modified by ludamad
"edited the pic so you can't see" fixed
red has a bad main
teal's ramp is farther from his nat
blue's nat gas in the way

map has a lot of money oO
too crazy on the eyes for me. But other than that, very cool.
lol @ number of mineral fields 9-8-7-7. First time i see so much minerals.
Even the deco is ugly. It's not testbgu who made this map imo.
Why is the deco ugly? I like the map, the only thing i dislike arethe mains, because they look so plain with only grass on them. Maybe reduce the amount of minerals a bit. Good and solid 3 Player map.

PS: The vertical ramps are looking ugly on the pic
modified by ptar
lol at the ramps, you can wallin red and teal's main with a single raxx but not blue's one.
some grass in nat please, too bright

else its very good ^^
this is only the basics of the map, it's the beta version. i'll change the mineral formations and the nightmarjoo-issue.

i haven't work on deco, it'll need more dirt-grass and less snow. these trees in the center can be removed. also the expos in the middle can be moved.

thanx for your comments, i'll take a look
Blue has no problems in sending units to attack green's nat but green's minonly may create a pathing mess by itself when green attacks red. If the minonlies are mined then when red attacks blue and green attacks red the units may go through the worker line. Push the minolies farther back into the plateaus. The detour behind the minolies has the potential to "split" a moving column of units (some will take the high ground path and others the low ground path).
blues wide ramp is closer than the others
Don't remove those trees, i like them.
okay ptar, i just removed the trees to modify the terrain, but i'll place'em back.
there are no doodads in the map yet.

i'll do decorations soon, with some dirt doodads and trees. can any1 help with the pic? :(

plase test the map :)
thank you for the feedback, Lancet: only red vs teal use the highground (and highground is wide enough) ^^

the low snow near mienral fields are not tank spots, they are suppose to hold some unwalkable doodads so tanks cannot siege in the walkable ice

Nightmarjoo: blue gas is not in the gay anymore and teal nat is more zerg friendly now.
i don't know why is red a "bad main" :( explain plz.

ProTosS4EveR: don't worry about wall-in, i'll test perfect wall ins when map is almost finished.

MorroW: here i used more dirt+grass and less snow :) what's wrong with the blue's wide ramp??
This post is not displayed due to its content
erm, red's min only ramp is much smaller than anyone else's (the 1 going to middle)
dont use morguls and rocky snow but only gras and dirt... those terrains look terrible ingame!

take a look at hitchhiker and taucross, theres very few snow/morguls/rocky snow but mostly gras and dirt... thats kinda the hart part to make a good looking map on icetileset... :[
red's main lacks room for depots or something against the edge of the map, out of the way and fairly defensible.
so how can i fix red main? :S
Testbug, the teal-to-red and red-to-blue (but not blue-to-teal) lowground minonlies have the potential to mess up pathing. If you just push them back into the plateau a bit (and there is room, see GMCS) this has no chance of happening.
red and blue minonlies are in the way.
but TEAL-TO-RED does't cause path issue when "attack move from main to main" because units prefer the highground.

okay, any path problem fixed
modified by Testbug
blues wide ramp outside expand is next to him, meanwhile the other players aint. you can move blues ramp alittle down how bout 6x3?
its really cool terrain but all those trees will be annoying, you should remove some
Ok I think the min only in the center should be removed. Doing so will fix my "too many expos" problem, and slow terran's push, which is good because a t push could be very strong thanks to so much being buildable. In general, it would also encourage less linear play. Without (imo) hurting the map at all.
i though this was a protoss map :S
so i was trying to help terran with that ;_;
this map is done imo :)
very good 3 player map i think (i havent played it so im not sure)
teal can block off with 1 building?

u gotta fix the blocking at the ramps

u gotta remove a bunch of these annoying trees so u can put spider mines without error and in general micro without akwardess

some of the minerals looks like u cant mine from cause they r too much on unwalkable, didnt test tho u should

both teal and red can wall off with rax and 3 depot while blue cant, ofcourse proves that the distances are different which should be fixed

the nats r very open for hydra break zvp and is generally imbalanced if u keep it this flankable

u should remove the "space-waste-cliffs" behind the middle mineral expoes so u can push them back to make it wider. atm its pretty turtleish and hard to flank

i think the area of the wide middle ramp and the 3rd gas ramp between there should be unbuildable so terran cant turtle up as easy as he can now

u gotta remove alot of the rocks that r unwalkable. its just too akward ingame.

the distances from start location to ramp differ from all positions.

overall what i said should make this map better for p and worse for t.

also i think its too little gas and too much minerals at this map, u should concider adding a 2500 or 2k gas at one of the min-onlys, most logical would be the high ground one cause p cant defend middle one in pvz late game.

oh btw dont go "bump old map" cause nightmarjoo told me to feedback this map
zomg Morrow don't bump old maps!

Thanks Morrow.

Hey I posted above here a long time ago that I thought the min onlys should be removed, I don't remember why. What do you think about that?

I like the trees :(

I think the map is already a protoss map.
Ah yeah I'd either remove the center min only or give the closer min only gas. Maybe you could experiment with putting gas at the center one, I dunno.

--Crackling vs Testbug(1on1, 1.15)
--Crackling vs Testbug(1on1, 1.15)
-- vs BANME_(1on1, 1.15)

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