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Last update for (2)Carcass Fields : 2008, 02, 02 22:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2788 (2)Carcass Fields 128*128someone090.9betaground

The map has been rated 37 times and got a total of 35 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

first melee map; any advice on how I can improve it?
No gas issue, that's good =). 3 Xel'Nagas won't come down for a while, will be an air map till then really. Terran can lift very short distance to high ground expansion. Some of the mineral lines are really awkward.
changed central minonlies
added more 8mins to highground expos, so it's harder for terran to fly cc over there, but is still easily expandable to normally (you only have to mine one block to build there)
Did you fix the high ground expos right right near the main? I don't see any minblocks there.
modified by ludamad
there are ramps to those expos? O.o
Ah, it's quite hard to see. Sorry.
lol someone, the min blocks r kinda useless :p

anyway, the map looks pretty fun, but I think you could consider remaking the min onlies since as soon as u expo there u really cant use it to pass with ur army... making map real tight lategame :o

another thing (thats just personnal though just w8 for some1 else to say it bfore changing bc i aint sure lol) would b that ur gas expos at 3 n 9 r really akward :O i think u could do something about that tho (like put magma around it n make it a lil less open..)

my last concern would be deco :P it could really use some map-make-up :D lol anyway gj so far :p
updated again:
moved minonlies to not interfere with the other path
added 8min blocks to path
removed 8min blocks at expos
tightened up area around mid gas expos
Good first try, you show some imagination. Those central minonlies may mess up pathing when they are mined (units will go through worker lines) just place high ground behind the minerals. Your inverted ramps for the SE nat and the SW expo look weird, look for the ash inverted ramps by searching for ramp or ramps in this database. Your central terrain looks dull, add some color by using the shale, lava, dirt and broken rock tiles, also place more doodads. All those mineral clumps in the NE and SW expos seem a little pointless to me. There is no map description.

Hey, enter the map for the Ash map competition (lower right hand corner of your screen).
modified by Lancet
The minerals blocking the path will cause really bad pathing problems.
hmm I think map would be cool without the min blocks :p
2gate goon with beat any terran strategy, having a wide ramp like that in a high dirt first expand is really bad idea

middle opening is too tight and will favour terran in late game

the main got a bad designed

the player up left got tighter choke than the one down right

the mineral placement in min-onlys r bad placed
modified by MorroW
updated again
loosened up mid
removed min blocks
changed min placement in minonlies
added a few doodads
made mains a little larger
modified by someone09
Much better. The center could still use more deco blending shale, broken rocks and lava tilesets. You can make your inverted ramp look better (less triangular at the top), see for example maps like "Red Planet" and "The Great Phase". Some features of the map look a bit "squareish" with sharp borders, try to make them look a bit more "round" so they will look more natural (or as natural as things can look on Char!).

There is no map description.
modified by Lancet
There are ways to make the creep from your creep colonies show in the map picture. If you are using scmdraft2 go: units>zerg>buildings>zerg creep colony and then overlay this "unit" creep colony over the "sprite" creep colony and then save a picture of the map (do not save the map). The creep will then appear in the picture.

Also you can make the ash terrain look clearer in your picture if you "enhance" it with programs like "PhotoFiltre" which can be downloaded free from the net.

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