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Last update for (4)Tawarett : 2008, 03, 07 17:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2849 (4)Tawarett 128*128Spinesheath & Excalibur0.4betaground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 22 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Well, this is my update to Spinesheath's Tawaret. I mainly just added the min onlys, some ramps, and did some deco work, but i really felt a certain awesomeness in the map when i opened it up. When it was first uploaded and i saw it, i liked the design and i was surprised to learn it still wasnt finished, so i figured with no work in sight on it, id try my hand at it.

I know i probably shouldnt have been the one to do it as Testbug or Crackling or somebody probably couldve done it a million times better. Im just a mapper not a melee player and thats probably why i dont do so well making melees. I know im no Crackling on deco either. I try though.

And so i did try with this map, and as my theory crafting sucks because i dont melee, im not even going to try. Obviously in my melee talentless view i dont see any outstanding issues but im sure someone will find some and when they do ill fix it.

I didnt get a chance to talk to Spinesheath really, but if you dont like it or want me to change anything, just say the word. Its your map.

Sorry if i went doodad crazy, and i am a whore for crater doodads.
Doodads in the mains are walk and buildable. So no issue there.
Didnt find any tank spots, but there might be one or two that i missed. Feel free to GMCS anything i may have missed.

modified by Excalibur
2 of the gas expos has the gas places in the middle of the adjucant ramp. thats pretty bad
when gas is done and 3 workers mining at it it will be so hard for units to pass
I don't really care about what you do with that map :) It seems like a fine edit, though.

Have you noticed the design of the right crushed rock thing that goes down the large ramp? It's kinda special, you know, and either you change it back to ISOM or you adjust the other 3 "arms" accordingly ;)
lol excalubir dind't even noticed there was already aram leading from nat minonly to low ground multy....
welcome back xcalbiur, has been a while, but why did you mention crackie? xD
I mentioned you and Crackling because you two couldve done a much better job testbug.

As for the crushed rock that goes from high to low, all four of them are still there. I dont get what your saying about that.

If you mean the upper left crushed rock arm, i dont think its being a little smaller due to the mud ISOMs proximity is that big of a deal, ill still see what i can do with it though.

Im going to replace the min/gas for the expos, i was actually worried about them but i figured eh, the map had them about this way before.
modified by Excalibur

I smoothed the crushed rock / dirt transition on the arm I GMCed with custom terrain. The other arms are pure ISOM.
Please make images 768x768, I have told you this in the past. Want a good reason why? gmcs won't work for it properly if it's larger.

I like the old version better. This one feels too crouded. And for some reason your picture is hard on the eyes.
well, atleast i can make a better pic for you xd

Free Image Hosting at
modified by Crackling
no,no that's's wasted time to analyze the map itself with all the simply swimm in money on this map.8 expos more than luna !!! and not even one on a island.

first you need to clean up the map before we can discuss seriously about tactic etc

i think the expos in middle were too much, i mean to be able to expand there u need total map control, i think u should remove them
It looks very nice, but while playing, I find that the center expos, with the ramps leading away from the center spiral, are too clustered because of the many doodads near the cliff face. It's a minor detail, but I find that it should be mentioned. :)

Come to think of it, there's far too many clustered doodads altogether. I think a sort of crossover between the two maps should be alright. Between not enough doodads and too many doodads.
modified by Rye
Zerg -> dead.
Great looks but that third gas is just awfully positioned, units will have to cross the worker lines to get to the other side, change the location or shape of these expos and/or ramps.
I second Grief.The res.placement from the old map should be adopted.I dont really like the changes
Ill get to work on the suggested changes tomorrow night as i woke up a bit later than i expected and dont have the time just yet. Thank you to everyone for comments and suggestions.

Plans thus far:
Fix an issue i dont understand about the lower right crushed rock arm. Seriously, it looks like the rest of them. O.o
Unclutter doodads.
Rearrange the lowground gas expos.
Slightly reduce minerals.
Change pic style and size when complete.
@Lancet: Third gas?

You should do some more extended terrain, Excalibur ^^
@Lancet: Third gas?
lol xD
might just be me.. but the middle looks like its off-theme.. :O if u get what i mean
If you mean that the flagstones don't follow the overall design scheme, I might share your opinion :)
modified by spinesheath

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