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Last update for (2)Junglecasm : 2008, 03, 12 07:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2873 (2)Junglecasm 128*128freakigod0.1betaground

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

This is my first attempt at mapping in awhile, please play and tell me of any imbalances.
I can tell you right now without playing, that this map is TOO BIG. The mains are enormous. The expos have waaaaay too much unoccupied room lying around. You did okay with the makeshift islands in the corners, but aside from that, 128x128 might not've been a good idea. Good concept, though.
Map updated with fixed gas, and middle ramps made widened. Please ignore the CCs, I do not have time right now to update the image.
modified by fr3akigod
I still see gas issue..

Map is too tight.. Terran can use that centre cliff with tanks and that's gonna kill all.. Maybe make bigger ramps there.
wider ramps
Which ramps should be made bigger?
1st of all, make the pic smaller! it takes minutes to load for me:(
also put .jpg, which is way smaller in filesize (just use paint, save it as .jpg and then resize it to 25% or something.)
check GMCS for my advices.

ok, make a smaller pic 1st, I currently can see only water and some stuff..
modified by LML
lol, 4096x4096 *.bmp

You really like to use up Pansck's web space, don't you?
the ramps in middle
the ramps in middle
fixed pic
mains are too rich
gd crackling

wathc the GMCS now
How is 10 mineral patches "too rich"? There is a total of 17 minerals in the main + natural, is it really that big of a problem?
Maybe reduce the size of the base and nat, shorten mains towards the center and nats towards the main. Also you could make third gas next to the plateau in the center on that "bend" where you have the dinosaur and the statue. It would be closer but very vulnerable, you would really need to control the high ground. No map description.
modified by Lancet
Hmm, what if i move the nat back towards the pilllars, shorten the main towards its self and replace the "bend" with the 12o 6o mineral and move the 3rd gas to the mineral spot? also maybe push the islands over a tile or two so the new 3rd gas isnt covered by the main, oh and i plan on cutting the 3 and 9 part of the middle back some and making a big ramp at those spots. and then possibly opening up the "islands" towards the old 3 gas spot. Anything I do next is going to be drastic!
Just a suggestion, it's your map you can do what you want with it.

Oh, also needs more deco after you finish those edits.

: ^ )
did u already check the GMCS ?! ;O
Oh yah I did check it, a few coments I have based on those is. The area behind the natural is for a siege drop, the water area is so you have some distrance to travel to surprise with a drop on the natural.
u could remove this space which makes it T favouring and use the new free space, plus the water, for making an island.

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