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Last update for (6)Mark of the Beast : 2018, 05, 08 11:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
291 (6)Mark of the Beast 128*128Snooky2.0final

The map has been rated 73 times and got a total of 146 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I havn't made a "real" 6 player map before. I dunno the idea struck me that if I can actually fit 8 players on a 128x128 map, then I should definetely be able to fit 6.

This map hasn't had any playtime testing, but I think it's pretty much the way I want it. I'm not so sure I like the side expos. I won't put gas on them because Terran could take them early and defend easily. I think Terran can wall at every position with 2 supply/1 rax. Tanks are able to shoot the gas of the 1st nats from accross cliffs (only the geyser I hope).

The one thing I dont like about this map is that tanks can shoot pretty deep into its neighbor's main, so late game next to a terran would kind of suck when you need room to build gates & stuff. Thankfully this is a 3v3 map, so game's aren't likely to last very long ;)
Wow. Not the most original thing I've ever seen but it's such a solid and balanced map, for 6 players. Awesome. FFAs and 3v3s on this would be fun. I'll probably play on this sometime.
Well, it might even work for 1v1s! I think it got a great feel - but (this comment always seems a bit strange) it feels more like a wc3 map than a sc map to me. That's not bad - it's a hint of originality that I can't really pinpoint.
Nice design overall. Your chokes look strange at some positions though. Yellow's choke for example.
hah, I've never played WC3 or even seen the game in action ;)
you MUST take brown of desert terrain it is copletely invisible on the minimap in game.
the mains are way too small
firstly, it's a 3v3 map, which means 6 players, which means large mega titan giant bases are not possible in 128
secondly, the color is random, if not played UMS.
and thirdy, watch me doing the magic trick: shift+tab
Wow, very cool map, though it would be better in Ash World Terrain, it's still very nice.
Yeah this map would of been a golden opportunity to let Ash show it's beauty.
instead a map for 3vs3 in 128x128 is possible
too bad broodwar isn't that competitive in 2v2 and 3v3. hm
great map as long as your are not next to a terran opponent.
Bump for one of my favorite maps on the site.
Played quite a bit of games with friends on this and i havent had a boring one on it yet :)
Reminds me of Paradigm
In fact the structural lines and main/nat placement of the maps is extremely similiar. I WONDER WHERE THAT KOREAN MAPPER GOT HIS IDEA FROM?
I keep looking at the pictures of these two maps going back and forth in tabs and they overlay almost PERFECTLY XD one hell of a coincidence
modified by Phobic
Haha, they have a bit similar base setup but that's it in my eyes :)

--MadClaw; nm2299 vs jin(other, 1.16)

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