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Last update for (2)Great Expectations : 2008, 06, 10 00:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2928 (2)Great Expectations 128*128iCCup.Raelcun0.3betaground

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 21 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Reworked the map to fix base size and redid the ramps to fit more of what my original idea was

more updates mostly on the natural area

did more balancing will update in a bit friends still testing it for me
modified by Raelcun
Too simple, too boring. Your deco needs a lot of work.

What are you trying to introduce with this map? Why should someone play it over another map? These are questions you should ask yourself every time you make a map.

Is it just me or is blue's base a little more cramped?

Also, you have gas issue. Geysers from the top of a CC need only 3 workers to mine at max efficiency (like Red's), while ones at the bottom (like blue's) need 4.

While I guess it matters slightly less in the days of FE, since your geyser's are reversed at the natural, it's something most mappers don't like to see.

For your next map: Try to have more decoration, and try to have a more interesting concept.

PS: Big part of the reason I responded was because you're iCCup staff ;) Normally I would just ignore a map like this. Don't take that too hard, but seriously, I'd like to see more effort in your next map (if you make one). This one is more or less a couple diamonds connected together.
I'll admit the deco isnt there, I've never been very good at it but I'm curious more about comments on the multiple ramps leading out of the natural. I'll try to deco more but it hard work for me and I wanna know about the 3 ramp system and what people think about that.

Main thing here I'm experimenting with an open map with ramps without making huge ass ramps, I expanded the ramps slightly except for the ones on the main. I'm not sure about the blue base it should be the same size I can always check it though. It's been a while since I even touched map editor and I wanted to play around with a geometrical map but make it more open.

ps- just noticed a glaring error going to fix it and check base size
modified by Raelcun
i like the layout. ive always thought space maps should be square (since theyre man made and not natural)

hmm maybe try something different with the corner expansions?
I was going to make the corner expansions the sunken platform but apparently it's completely impossible to reverse one of those ramps and not make it look completely ugly and retarded. And yeah the base size is off which is annoying because basically it means I have to figure out where it comes from and adjust sigh
your ramps suck .. you should try to dl the spaceramp map and make better inverted ramps;o

well, to the concept..
way too less minerals .. 8 in main and 5 at nat?! wtf? those are 13 ... 15-17should it be. 16 is best, with 9 in main and 7 at nat.
the minsonly has even 8 then oO most minsonlies have ~6
the very middle should be open and not blocked by doodads for a better strike through there.
Ramps too cramped (lol, rhyme), access point between the two smaller squares and the large one are also too small (see GMCS), "checkerboard" pattern is ugly and isn't lined up with the other one, map is overall hard to move armies around in, min placements and positioning suck, especially in the mains. It takes up room where there could be more buildings and such.

Agree with LML on too few mins in nat.

Main square (the one in the middle) is open, as if you want the heart of the fighting going on there, but there's only two expos in there, badly placed ones at that.

You said pathing is okay... for vultures...
Mains too small, nat and min only area too open. This forces players to build a lot in their nats, but the nats are pretty vulnerable which can make that a pain.

The main formation is really awkward and isn't conducive for efficient use of the already small room the main has. The formations also make forms of harass much stronger than they normally would be.

Eh, in general you tighten areas that should be open, and leave areas very open which don't need to be, and in some cases shouldn't be. All of the expos are oddly placed, with weird distances between them, and all are very open.
I reccomend copying more standard sizes and distances.
What is it exactly that you are trying to achieve with these ramps? Please explain, thanks.

Oh, btw, the number of mineral clumps in your nats are unequal.
"I was going to fill in the depressed points in the center but then I realized anything dropped in there would suffer a penalty on it's hit rating. And I figured players might come up with some creative ways to use that so I just left it."

Sorry, how can reducing a unit's combat effectiveness by dropping it in a pit be creative, or even useful? I mean, sure, it might get away from melee units, but if you're going to use resources to build a shuttle/dropship, you might as well bring the units somewhere where it won't needlessly die. :S

Maybe if they were high ground instead... :O Could be ovie spots, those are useful.
modified by Rye
Got an idea for the middle while fixing the base sizes basically had to redo the map so I changed up the ramp size to give more of what I was going for. Fixed the positioning of the bases and the mineral counts I did those mostly on lack of sleep last time around. The plating patterns arent final thats just me playing around without doing any doodads yet.

To whichever one of you said that I'm making it open where it should be choked and choked where it should be open that's kind of the point. I'm playing around with an open map that has a lot of different options on pathing but still a main path that can be locked down by a terran to keep it semi balanced. I think adding the downhill side options with the possible expansions is more of what I originally intended.
modified by Raelcun
i say what what
in the butt
This is better.
Moved the main ramps to fix pathing through the natural and removed one of the ramps to the middle from the natural because it was too easy to tank the natural from that one ramp after some friends tested it still havent done doodads playing with balance first.
...tanking your own natural is a valid defense...
There is a gas issue on the red main. Please read the article on the "gas issue" in the articles section and check the map "gas_issue".

I will repeat my earlier question. What are you trying to achieve with those nat ramps? your nats are wide open.
The other expansions look pretty open too.
Remove two ramps above nat to close it off a bit?

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