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Last update for (2)The Maw : 2014, 08, 25 09:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2958 (2)The Maw 128*128neobowman0.3betaground

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 20 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Inspired by Blue Storm. No deco as of yet. I've tried to design this so that the high ground will be crucial to defending your base well. Once the high ground on your side is taken, it will be more difficult to get back on the offensive. I have included a side path partially blocked by minerals. As for the corners, the wide ramps are really just something I added as the area was wasted in my opinion. Looking for things to put in there.
mineral only and 3rd gas are too close! that should be a given.

the islands in the corners are unnecessary and that area is way too cluttered with those 2 expos there.

blue storm feel to it though there are many differences.

pretty good job here tho
You get lots of gas and minerals just defending one spot.
modified by SiaBBo
gas issue

The 3rd base imo is fine, azalea and arcadia were good maps, and we'll see how Andromed plays, probably fine though. I think, since the main has only 8 minerals though, that you should give the main 9 and the min only 6 (down from the current 7). That will help balance a lot, for tvp, pvz, tvz, if you choose to keep the base.

The mains are a bit weird, but do-able.

I strongly dislike the islands and highly reccomend you remove them. Everything your islands do is hurtful for this map.

The nats are pretty open, I reccomend making them tighter, despite the long distances. Also, the main's choke is pretty wide too.

Outside of that, the map imo is decent. My only complaint could be that visually it is very straight and linear, oh and I really think the min wall is stupid.

If your mineral formations were fixed, the islands and min walls removed, the nat was fixed, the main choke tightened and the map was aesthetically improved, I'd wager the map'd have a chance in motm 5 oO
The island just creates an excesive concentration of resources near the mains, remove the minerals & gas and just leave it as a "drop zone" or ax it altogether.

Red's third gas is tankable big time from high ground while blue's isn't, please fix this. Most of the time you don't have to be concerned about the "gas issue" when it comes to third gas or even the nat's gas.

In the GMCS Morrow left you a comment regarding wether units can go into the space in those corners next to the main. They can't but a tank dropped in that corner can reach the main's mineral line. The only way to attack it is to go air or take the high ground. Also there are tank holes in the low ground behind the mains.

Edited. I removed the islands, changed minerals in min-only and mains, removed the mineral wall tightened the nat's and main's choke, fixed tank holes (this was hell) and started (only started) deco.
PS. I'm not that much of a SC player so if someone could get some games on this map I'd greatly appreciate it.
modified by neobowman
Looks interesting but needs some tweaks, im not sure what though. Mind if i play with it a little bowman?
Go ahead. As long as you give me credit later ;)
"fixed tank holes (this was hell)"

In this terrain here are parts of rock doodads that you can easily place in the holes to block them.
Yeah but i found tank holes between the bascilla and the cliff. T_T
Finished deco. I need more criticism please. I'm going to try and get some replays but mine won't be that good so if you can get some it will be appreciated.
Changed the nat gases so they can't be used for creating defensive chokes. Moved the starting positions for the same reason. Added double gas to the middle two expoes just to make them worth more.
Mutas are too powerful here.
Agreed. Make a little more room behind the main minerals and probably the minonly.
Moved the mineral lines for the third expo and the main.

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