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Last update for (2)The Future : 2008, 05, 08 02:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2973 (2)The Future otherTwoS0.9finalground

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 59 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

'The future' is korean song that i like.
You must holding hillock.

#Resource Distribution
Main :: 9M+1G
Forward Yard Resource :: 7M(1:1000)+1G
Second Resource :: 7M+1G
The others Resource ::
- 12(6) 7M+1G
- 2(8) 8M+1G
Looks like hell for Terran
seems to favour zerg

ur a good mapmaker, u make sizes of stuff right :)
why would it favor zerg? On a first glance id say terran has a fairly easy job containing with the high ground and all the ramps?
Well, even if it's only because of ramps, the map is fairly open. A terran army that sits at one spot surely is not so easy to overcome. But there are plenty of roads one can take to move around that army.

The expos are not that hard to defend, though, and overall I think that it could be pretty balanced.
"plenty of roads one can take to move around"

thats what i mean
I dunno about z favouring, but it looks like a protoss map to me. The third base is a little far, which helps p in pvt, but isn't far enough to hurt p in pvz, and the fact that it has gas helps p in both pvt and pvz. The gasy heavy nature in general seems to help p a lot I think. Zerg isn't disfavoured, he seems to be kind of neutral here. Terran though, with all the flanking paths, and the distance of the third base, seems in trouble for both tvp and tvz.

The nat seems kind of open despite the bridges, it might be hard for z to defend his nat early on in zvt, but I'm not sure.

Overall though, looks like a nice map. Gas issue though, red's gas mines slower than blue's I'm pretty sure.
Fine, now every race seems to be in favor on this map. Ergo: balanced. Well done!

Indeed, there is a very small gas issue here. Easily fixed.
its not that easy trust me
modified by MorroW
This map is insane. I like it. I wouldn't mind seeing this played in the pro leagues. Did anyone else notice that a custom map size was used?
Now that you say it... obviously^^
Korean song... it about SC?
what size is it? i can't check it here.
it's 112*128.btw,there alot more custom sizes possible than this one.
cool :O
i only thought 24x24 also was possible
Basically everything is possible, with a few exceptions.

There should be at least one standard size or else you will have to play a "normal" map before you can play a non-standard-sized map.

The minimap doesn't work properly for many sizes as well. I am not sure how it really works there. Either the minimap is drawn in colums or in rows, and depending on that you will have to choose which dimension to alter. Try it out before you actually make such a map, just to be sure.
Is not. this map game is possible. also is a possibility also the minimap seeing.

I used the optional size designation of the scmdraft2.
modified by Single-
this is far i can tell with 128*112 & 112*128 there are no troubles with the minimap.

--TheFeeling- vs DheN(1on1, 1.15)

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