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Last update for (2)Chemistry : 2008, 06, 10 17:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2975 (2)Chemistry 128*96Crackling1.7experimentalhybrid

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 106 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

my map for TSL :O

ScoutWBF vs Crackling:

simple: no TOO MANY islands and prevent turtling.
each player can have part of the continent that can tank other player's expos (still remember Dream of Balhae Bunker rush at oponent's nat cliff)
Do something about island racial balance!
neutral buildings to open new areas is ok, but avoid Arkanoid gameplay
Number of players: 2
size: 128x128, 128 x 96 or 96 x 128
Tileset: surprise us!

the map is split in 2 halfs like testbug wanted it to be, you can tank/shoot your opponents expo nearly everywhere.
its more of an island map with Requiem-minerals-blocking-entrance thing, but still gives lots of possibilitys in early game.

i tried helping the z with adding a 4minerals expo inside the main and keeping the accessable gasexpos kind of low.

hallucinated fastesttype minerals speeding up early game (p4ever :-*), and allowing z to expand way earlier than p/t (creep colony at nat).

while p/t can use the economical boost for some rush/cheese, z gonna try to expand and be safe.

i kind of tried to balance out all MUs by giving each race advantages/disadvantages, i hope it'll work :o
modified by Crackling
"Tileset: surprise us!"
oh u failed at that one ^^

map seems fairly ok and pretty decent for beeing island map :)

it would be cool if u removed the minerals in middle and made it a small pass that only small units can pass (Loki)

edit: gj :D
modified by MorroW
"it would be cool if u removed the minerals in middle and made it a small pass that only small units can pass (Loki)"
or just changed the minerals leaving a path only small units can pass through until another mineral is mined away (blitzxesque). I feel that'll help early game a lot more, especially as far as scouting goes. The neutral creep is almost useless atm.

Other than that, I guess my only "complaint" would be in the lack of any room for ground movement, most island maps have plenty of room for a ground-based transition, but it just reinforces the concept. Corsairs scare me on this map (as z).

But overall, I really like it. Visually it's great, it has a unique concept, and I really like how you used the fastest hallucinated minerals, I think that really helps the concept.

Maybe you could move the sl closer to the nat? I think that'll help gameplay a bit. atm I think the main2nat distance is kind of long, which could hurt all three races in some mu or another in some fashion or so I think ._.
Great map, delete the minerals from the middle plz :). Nice deco, might be a bit terran favouring.
the neutral creep helps Z a lot imo.
with the fastesttype mineral boost z will have 300minerals for a hatchery before even the ovi finished, beeing able to expand instantly.
t/p first need to destroy the creep (or take the 4mineral expansion), this delays the 2. gas a lot (sairs wont hit before mutas when fe first)

i'm not sure about the middle minerals yet, waiting for more people to comment :P
As a Terran, I'll just build the CC and lift it over and kill the creep like people did on Arkanoid :D
still delays you xD

nvm its mostly to balance out PvZ on islandmaps :>
Photo cannon rush behind natural. ^^

Map looks nice. Yes, I think u too should delete minerals from middle.
Ooooooh, I didn't realize/notice that the creep blocked the base. I understand now :)

How's mineral hopping? Easy/hard/impossible and equal at all places?
" 'Tileset: surprise us!'
oh u failed at that one ^^"
but! you then expected something other than jungle, so he did in fact surprise you!
epic win :>
all mineral walls are impassable for any units except peon hop and Terran flying building trick, right? I have just spent some time watching the image and understaing how this could be played before i thought of that.

Wow, it's scary the though of a Zerg building a hatchery behind your nat and later sunkens; a probe putting cannons there (specially against a zerg) and a proxy barrack into bunker rush (but that can be fixed relatively fast with an out of range sunken).
Island maps that favours cheese. Awesome!
And timing would be off for the most part due to the extra minerals. Nice ideas here :)
Another cheese: hop marines with a barrack through middle minerals.
yeah, you just have to jump ONLY the oponent's minonly to be able to cannon the nat.
make a blitz X enter :D
or use a neutral building to block ramp behind min only (since they are allowed).
Could be a weak one, like tea Chrysalis. It would delay cheese enough to not making it too imba.
Cool map but I am concerned like some of the posters commented above about the strength of building behind the nat's mineral line. Maybe if you just leave a small opening between the mineral clumps of the nat for units to get through to the other side this may improve the odds of combating such strategies.

Make the creep of the creep colonies show up in your map by overlaying a unit creep on them and saving the image (but not the map).
but it would change so much :(

i could make the terrain behind the nat minerals unbuildable?
i think it could work, but leave enough space behind mins to fit a couple of turrets and cannons to fight off mutalisks (but not enough to fit a bunker... if that's possible).
So, make it unbuildable but with some space just besides the minerals buildable.
Then you would still be able to do a cannon rush.
No that's stupid. Cheese shouldn't be as effective anyway since players get the boost of the hallucinated minerals.
You just destroy the concept by doing that.
"Then you would still be able to do a cannon rush."

But you wouldn't be able to put a pylon in range behind the minerals so it should far easier to spot and deal with it.

Though i think one should test it to see how cheese timing works to say that it's stupid. If it remains buildable, all FE builds become really risky (which hurts zerg the most).
I don't see how having hallucinated minerals discourages cheese in this map. If you had the option to rush your oponent I would understand but the central mineral block prevents this.
uah i'm back i wasn online for 6 days :D:D

so its perfect? :)
multiple people have suggested they want a middle path through the minerals, even if just a small one.

Why is the min only in the mains actually there? What's its purpose, how does it help gameplay?
help z a bit more :p
This post is not displayed due to its content
so fucking what morrow, they're stacked like on fastest, you'll mine so fast it won't matter. Have you played a fastest map before? ...
oh i thought it only was 1 mineral chunk
yeah reading is hard T_T
i dont wanna make a hole in the middle minerals :(
Oh, a different idea on the back of the nats; you could put a colony creep behind the nats so T or P cant build any cheese, only Z can.
And maybe remove the other creep colony or put it farther?
Thought i'm not 100% how this would work
be proud of that im not even 10
deleted some doodads, made some parts wider, minerals in the middle all have value 0

i wont work on this map anymore, it was for testbugs comp and its how it should be

maybe i gonna remake it into a groundmap, not sure yet

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