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Last update for (2)Sign : 2008, 12, 09 12:12
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2987 (2)Sign 128*96ptar1.9betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (7 elements)


Newest map of mine :)

-One rush part threw the middle wich only small units can pass, causes pathing problmes but i don't mind, pro maps have them too xD

-Got a cliff from where you can attack the main and the second gas expo. The cliff is blocked by a Xel'Naga Temple with 5000 hp. You can't attack workes or the cc/hatch or nexus. Only buildings wich are nearer to the cliff.

-Mainbases can be walled in with one barrack

-Got those inverted ramps from mapdori :)

-NO GAS ISSUE !!! Geysers are at the exactly same place at both mains. Only the minerals are different.

I'm testing the map already in public and some friends in op ger-a. So it could be possible, that i'll make some edits, wich affects the gameplay very much. But you should give me suggestions and ideas too, so GO GO!!!
Btw... Could you explain me how to make obs triggers with SMCDraft ? If i'll open it in Staredit all the doodads will disapear -.-

PS: Fixed the picture.

PSS: Hopefully MOTM.5 xD
modified by ptar
ok, no gas issue, but the gas placement still sucks, and the mineral placement too.

Weird/ok map.
Lol, i know the gas placement sucks, but otherwise there is the fucking gas issue -.-
Took me a while to place this shit xD

Dunno whats wrong with the minerals, i like them :)

YEAH, my first weird map!!!! Not that standart thing!!! :)

No issues?

I gonna upload the replays of the games i played tomorrow.

modified by ptar
very impressive map. unbelievable map form and decoration great work dude
im not fond of the mains
thx man, i know the mains aren't comfortable, but i made them at the end and there was no space left xD
modified by ptar
!!!Uploaded the oobs version!!!
The mains are fine oO
you canmae mians bigger by moving minonlies to the edges (where you placed useless trees)
and nats near to 3 and 9.
really nice work, this is your best map, BUT PLEASE FINISH SQUARE!!!
"The mains are fine oO"

your a zerg player. I dont expect you to ever understand what I mean.
and what all terrans and protoss feel
cant really see a game where the neutral xel naga will get used (by its real concept of getting destroyed)

the rocky ground could been made with a much better decoration

the high temple places are so tight due all its decoration it will be impossible to flank (or really have any good battles)

so many trees in a line at 9 just looks silly

the mains are kind of akward so is the gas placement

i suggest u to push the main alittle bit longer in at the xelnaga place, that would only do good
change the deco at 9 with no not many trees ofc :P
deocoration at the rocky ground
remove some of the unwalkable stuff at the high temple area

square is better but this seems to be fine, gj :)
@ Testbug, i promise u i'll finish Square :)

Ingame the mains are working. The don't feel uncomfortale, if you've got a good building placement.

@ Morrow

1. I don't care if the Xel Naga temple will never be destroyed. It's my first neutral building in a map (yeah) and it's just there to block the entrance. Maybe i should use a smaller building with not so much hp?

2.Decoration on the rocky ground could be better, but i got no time left and i wanted to upload it. Maybe i'll change it :)

3.Opened the map in an editor??? There is enough room for a 200/200 army to cross the highground without getting stacked -.-

4.I like the trees 8[

- Changed the little path in the middle so only small units can pass :) (goons and tanks could pass threw)

- Changed the bridges, they disappeared ingame :)

- Uploaded a great 40 minutes TvT, WATCH IT!!!

modified by ptar
great deco skills, as usual ptar


mains are too small for the amount of minerals

and on the highground, remove somme trees and ruin shits, it's too blocky
All people, who say the mains are to small watch the first replay. A 40 minute tvt and both got all there buildings in their mains, so i doubt they are to small.
I'll remove some of the blocky things.
oh kk i was wondering what the xel naga was for ^^

i just notised main was dropable behind, that is pretty cool ;)

and yes the temple thing "issue" do block alittle bit too much

what concirned me was the mains when i opened the map, the mains must get alittle bigger, push at the xellnaga place behind cuse it doesnt need that much space

there are really many miss-tiles at the high temple area, some squares here and there that are totally wrong .,.
oh christ, shut the fuck up nasty. I've played protoss and terran quite enough to know how to place buildings. Most of my terran/protoss experiences have been on python, which has small/awkward mains.
mains were fine, my goons went through the middle path no problem.
was hard for terran to make it past the middle all i had to do was wait on the two hills then flank him when he tried to advance twas an ez gg
Tk did you use an older version? Today i wrote:

- Changed the little path in the middle so only small units can pass :) (goons and tanks could pass threw)"

So in this version, only small units can pass :)

@ Morrow, Nasty, P4e:
MAINS ARE ALLRIGHT !!!!!1!1!11!1
don't use doodad bridges, copy paste'em from the tileset index. look at the northern bridge :(
it'll be funny if you can build a pylon to block the center tight passage :) not exactly in the middle, but maybe in the entrance?
mains are allright, but you should modify the shape
modified by testbug
LOL your a fuckin retard. They may be awkward cuz of the mineral placements but the mains arent cramped by any means. These mains culd easily be added to just by simple modifications and it wouldnt even hurt the structure.

"LOL your a fuckin retard."

Joel or me -.-

Testbug i used the copy paste function. Dunno why they look like this on the pic, but ingame they are fine.

Gonna try to make the GMCS!
modified by ptar
I was talking to joel about the mains here and the ones at python
Testbug: You can also place the doodad bridge, right click it and select "turn into terrain" and copy-paste from there. Much faster than from the tileset index (but of course you need a place where you can (temporarily) put the whole doodad)
Nasty I love the irony in calling me a fucking retard, while using horrible english. You're the moron if you think python's mains are really open. They take getting used to and are fine once you get used to them, but seriously compare them to tau, luna, longinus, the maps people were used to before python came out.

These mains are fine, there's plenty of room, and the pathing from the area where you'd most likely build your unit producers (factories etc) is absolutely fine.

The awkward shape, the corner towards the middle of the map, you'd never use, leaving it free for proxies, drops or hidden tech, but you'd never use it for your depots or factories so that it's awkward is irrelevant. The useable part of the mains is absolutely fine.

The only other aspect of the mains that I can see which might be awkward for only terran, is the lack of straight edges and/or map boundaries to place depots against, but there's very little room for that in python as well and people make due, so it really shouldn't be a problem.
ok ptar fix mains or I'm removing the map from motm5. They're seriously fucking bad. I played the map once, and the formations really fuck up everything. I don't like the choke being wallable with a rax, but that might just be me. You could place rocks there or something to force atleast rax/depot wall.
So, i finally made some edits.

1. Changed the main mineral formations
2. Added a small ramp behind the minerals, wich only small units can pass. So tanking the main isn't so powerful
3. I removed the Xel'Naga Temples and added some smaller temples
4. The sl CAN be tanked from the cliff behind the main. Give me suggestions if it's too imba or not :)

Now i hope Nightmarjoo give's me the vote on MOTM and i'll win. :)

Other suggestions are welcome xD
added a gmc
why should i remove them?
path issue from main to 12/6 multy and also from the center xD if you want to keep that thing, then remove the temple entrance.

nats sux.
the nexus at nat will not be in the way at all but it's too tight.
and rocky ground is also too near, can't forge+cannon very well (or it's just me)
Now I think, mainspace could be a problem lol.

nats I think are too tight

main choke looks too big

I dunno about the tankable mains. The formation/cliff shape is kind of awkward for that, imo. Nasty's suggestion might help.

How is pathing? Looks like units could try and take the backdoor lol.
just remove those few little cliffs so i can build my +1 factories please, does it really matter that much?
i bet nightmarjoo will like it more too that way
choke too big
WTF??? lol, gonna make it smaller again. 8[
So, while i'm changeing some things, i don't know what i should do with the highround behind the main.
Now i'm thinking of removing the neutral building and add a normal ramp over there. So the main gets two entrances. Or the second idea is, that i add another small ramp at the highground wich leads to the expansion, so pathing with small units isn't that fucked up and you'll have a second rush route?
Wich idea is better??? Pls help me.

Does anyone have an answer?
Normal ramp is fine IF pathing is fine, imo. I reccomend doing whatever you want, if pathing is ok :)
So another update ^^:

-Changed the size of the main choke. You have to wall in with 2 depots and 1 rax.
-Now the cliff behind the main is a real island. You can only reach it through a small ramp behind the min lines. This doesn't cause pathing issue.
-Redone ALL doodads, so there are now only some squares. Also removed some blocking doodads on the highground.
-Opened the natural a lil bit.

Pls tell me what you think about the islands behind the mains. Are they ok like they are now ???

modified by ptar
"Final" version uploaded. If you find any flaws pls tell me so i can delete them :)

Nightmarjoo, pls wait with the MOTM post, i have to make the obs version first. :)
Okay, i uploaded the right obs version. If there aren't any suggestions left, i'll put this to "final" and Joel can make the newspost.
Made a quick update on the obs version, now everything is ok. ^^
Replay download link doesn't work :(
I was playing as Terran with a friend and I found that you can't make a comsat in the top left position because your cc is too close to either the minerals or the gas. Not sure about the bottem right.
the startlocation of red isnt girded in exact position. thats why its really bugged :)
or he placed the mineral fields without "mineral distance help" thing
Or copy/pasted minerals in.
shit this map looks so horrible!
the copy/pasted blends are unfinished everywhere!

maybe someone can fix that? nightmarjoo or some one else? i guess ptar will agree
It's only motm, who cares what it looks like, no one will open it.


--Gorgar vs SugutaDesigns(1on1, 1.15)

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