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Last update for (2)Antares 1.1 : 2007, 09, 20 09:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
300 (2)Antares 1.1 128*128Kabumm1.1final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

It's not finished yet, I'd like to hear some comment's concerning the overall layout, balance, etc. before I start working on the map in detail. I'm not shure, if the idea is worth it. Maybe someone can make some testgames?
The name Crazy Critters is an Blizzard Original map. Furthermore, please name the map right with no spaces since that will mess up the chronological order in the lists.

That many islands might be interesting. Thats the most inovative concept here imo, but i like it. But perhaps they should be easier to harass
Where are the critters?^^

Well yeah, SP is right, It would be difficult to find the map in the maplist the way it is named now.

Looks interesting, but TvZ is not balanced on this map probably (I'm assuming that for good tvz balance zerg should be able to get his fast expansion up without problem against a 10 rax build, or have a decent chance of not losing it against a 9 rax build. Don't think that's the case here. I'm actually not even sure, maybe I get to test this.
No it wouldn't be difficult because the map would go on top as soon as it is final, and that is not the purpose of a list with alphabetical order.
^^ well when I search for (2)C.. I look between (2)B.. and (2)D.., not at the very top of the list. Anyway, fix it or ..._death penalty_
Whoops, didn't know about the Blizzard map. I'm gonna find a new name and update the map. ATM I'm more concerned about the playabilty. I think that ledge in the middle is too long since you can lay siege to both exits. it's a bit like 3v12 at LT with t@3, though it will take the terran much longer to get there...
I think, FE in zvt is possible , the distance between the 2 bases is actually quite long i think. i guess 12 hatch 11 pool won't work with 8 or 9 racks, but i don't think z should be able to 12 hatch against every build...
Ok, I've changed the title, it's just a working title though.
lolwtf nice title
Map updated (beta 0.95):
-redesigned major parts of the landscape
-improved the terrain layout
-added unbuildable terrain to the islands in order to make them harder to defend
-edited the edges of the center cliff so early siege contain wouldn't be to powerfull.

doodadd decoration is still not finished, gonna do that in the next days after playabilty has been confirmed...
looks good, i think ill try it out
Map updated (beta 0.97):
- added ramps for access of the top island.
- changed terrain of the other islands again, cause protoss couldn't build cannons there.

I actually consider it finished now, except for doodadds and the name. i'd be really gratefull for some replays and criticism!
Look at the GMCS, i made some critics :P But except those 3 little critics, the map looks fine to me as well.
Thanks for the tips, listoric. (1)I thought about enlarging the cliff and putting an expo there. But I didn't do it, cause t could then cliff the secondary gas expos as well. (2)The gas at 6 I actually removed, cause it's island and pretty close to both mains. Now that I put the unbuildable ground there, I'm actually consider changing it again... (3) Mains could be bigger, but they're still quite large. make a game on the map, u'll see.
Update 1.0:
- Added Doodadds
- Changed the name
I was bored so i decided to strengthen my ideas on your map (i suck :P) with a picture edited in paint (damn i hate not having an editor here *grr*)

I only changed the left startbase to be able to compare it to the actual, added the geysir, without that, the min-only island is really worthless, because islands are good for protoss i.e. to get an easy defendable gas in mid-late game against zerg. And i widened the cliff just a bit to get an expansion up there but still be out of tankrange of the two gas-expansions next to it.

What do you think?
I really doubt that you can built enough warpgates or rax/fax/starports/depots up on the starbases plateau, that's why i insinst of making it bigger.

the map itself looks very nice, i like the idea of having almost two "safe" expansions behind your natural.
i'm working on a new version right now with expo on the cliff and bigger mains, but don't expecpt updates too soon.
take a look at the new beta of antares II here:
After it looks like my minimap paint version, i really like it more that way. It just feels better that way to me now, i like it :)
I wonder why you don't upload the newer version? :P
ehh, who steals my nickname? ^^

anyway i think its good map, with some little problems, you cant flank around the exps in the top, or tricking with the armies in a PvZ
sorry, i've been too lazy. map has now been modified like listoric suggested. take a look at the picture. and post some reps if you played on the map.
Nice that you update your map, think you did that a long time ago actually, seen an other version somewhere sometime ^^

Anyway, the changs are good imo, i like the map. looks interesting to play on.

T could push the upper route to kick you expansions, but then you take the shorter and kick his main/expansions. think it's quite good balanced. i really like it.
This map looks really nice, but I think the mains could have been made bigger and nats have been made with a choke. The gap here is larger than the opening for the nat in my (4)Flavia original, and that got a storm of protest immediately.

This reminds me of rov a bit, but I like this a lot more than rov
Zerg's gonna have a hard time with any kind of FE strategy against terran... I think the nat needs a choke that's a bit tighter.

The gas exps with the mins facing the centre could be vulnerable to carrier/BC attacks. I feel like T would have trouble against P, because P's mid-late-game air support would be crushing, and T has very little to gain by pushing though the middle, since there are no exps there, and no paths/ramps to other exps coming out from the middle, except for the centre one. T's only benefit is his ability to drop the cliff on the mins-only exp.

I like the design, though.. it's a nice-looking map.
i'm not going to change this map anymore. if anyone wanna improve it, go ahead and do it. i won't sue you :)
:) I will work on it soon.

--BHolder vs janejin(1on1, 1.15)
--DG)ScaremongeR vs qktu(1on1, 1.15)
--DG)UltoR vs tornado(1on1, 1.15)

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