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Last update for (4)Aiur Aftermath : 2005, 09, 06 17:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
303 (4)Aiur Aftermath 128*128InkPot0.6final

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 30 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Some TeamLiquid Forum fellas told me to upload this map here, so I hope they will care about it :)
Of course we care;)

Well, as was already said on, it seems rather tank-friendly. Imo the cliff in the main is ok, but having a cliff over the natural gas expansion seems too much to me. Most of the improvements that can be done on this map have to do with preventing tanks from killing more than they are supposed to from ledges/a players main base.
Shouldn't this be a jungle map? Aiur = jungle
Oh Panschk you are so very helpful hehe.

Oh there's something I couldn't understand. U said natural gas expo. I mean erm... which one ? Hehehehehe.

Do you use MSN Messenger ? We can discuss easily by msn.

And for last, I didn't think for the map's name, it popped out of my mouth :) So I can change it by your wishes.
Also you should make full minerals at islands.. No one wants those exps now :(
Yeah. Hawk eyes you have hehe.

I would change it. But max is 1000 mins per patch. I can't go more, because there would be LOTS OF resources for just 4 players.
no, the island should be worthwile. Imo, changing the number of mineral blocks is better than changing their value if you need more/less money on a map, because like that everyone sees it, there is no "suprise", plus the minerals deplete at a constant rate.
Got it. ;) So I would delete some from other expos then. (Just 1 patch hehe not more)

and by the way, MSN MSN MSN MSN MSN !
Inkpot, are you EvilMagicLord?
What's that :)
I'll take that as a no, then? You just reminded me of a guy from PGT who also used "hehehe" in every sentence.
Do I really laugh that much hehehehe. :P
No I'm not him.
I think the map needs to be played much more times. Replays are needed.
Well.. I finally got rid of starcraft, and i don't want to play or see it anymore. I just want to free my mind and play other games. Starparty come to msn and i can send you the unprotected file of the map. Thank you for your interest. That's all for me.
uh.. ok..?
haha he posts 1 map and then quits SC >_<
As long as you don't play Diablo 2:x
d2 is fun, whats wrong with you? :P
It is not about the map, it is for "I can't get the TASTE anymore".

I may continue on making maps, but I really doubt that. :(

However I have some personal techniques to make maps, so if anyone wants to learn them, just come msn. my msn : ""

(How to find the middle of the map, how to curve the sharp shapes, how to design, how to size the bases, how to locate bases, how to locate cliffs, how to be different etc.)
I think you'd be better off teaching that stuff to map making newbies. It seems that we regulars of this site know what we're doing most of the time... ~_~
Of course you dou :) I just meant if you want to learn MY techniques (it is a matter of interest you know) I can teach you.
and by the way, I can't see a symmetry and a beauty in these maps. You know what to do, but dunno how to do :P
You don't see beauty and symmetry in any of the maps on this site? How unfortunate.

Since Aiur aftermath is the only map you've posted here so far, thus the only map i judge -your- skills from, I dont feel like beeing corrected in the ways of balance, symmetry and art by you. Sorry.
Ouch that was harsh :[ I'd be glad to learn your techniques, just email to x25point8069x@gmail [dot] com. I don't use MSN, sorry :[
I could mail them to you, but it would take my hours to think write and compile :) Sorry.
By the way I realised that I'm mistaken, the "Blue Horizon" map is already cool. So I feel just "I even can play again!" :)

So I apologise for my rudeness.
Hmm... after reading your posts i was disappointed. You can't wall the mains, you can't take your expansions against a nearby terra and as the game evolves, the expansions are easier and easier to kill for a terran, because of his tanks.

imo, this map is well made, without thinking about the Ts out there :P
I think the main can be wallin ?
perhaps with 4 depots :) they should be thighter. You might also wanna try it out with buildings to balance it on all positions
I think we used to wall it ? Oh my god, am I too old that !!
imo, with the cliffs for tank domination everywhere, in tvp the very wide choke is preferable to balancing. But zvp is quite horrible. cliffs everywhere+ very open is zerg domination imo.
So help me to make it protoss domination too and then every race dominates, and it is balanced :)
InkPo if you are bored of SC, try some Use Map Settings maps. They can be really fun if you learn to appreciate them. And if you appreciate them enough, you can start making some Use map setting maps and they are really fun to make :)
Your comment
Oh my god, I hit enter by mistake :)

UMS maps are really fun yeah, especially "collective of four elements".

But I don't know about the triggers and it is boring to try them all :(
and my nick is "InkPot" ;)
Well, I think we should play on this one.

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