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Last update for (2)Riyadh : 2008, 06, 25 13:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3098 (2)Riyadh 128*128-Jack-0.1betahybrid

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (10 elements)

It may just be me straining at the tiny picture but your backwards ramps confuse the hell out of me.
im speachless, but sill rofl
guys download the map open it and check the reverse ramps
Basically, it's a 2 player map, starting positions are 1 and 7 o clock. There are neutral buildings and a 16mineral block in front of the natural that keep the choke small at the start of the game, but later the can be broken down (or mined out) to allow units to pass through easily. Obviously a Zerg player could break these buildings down to allow for a flooding into the natural.

At bottom right there is a double gas (1500 each) expansion that I hope players will struggle to cover and keep. There is a protoss temple there to keep allow the defender of the double gas to have a smaller choke, but this can obviously be broken down later in the game.

The map can be played entirely on the ground without use of the top left island, but in longer games control of the island will be important as there is a large stash of minerals at the 11 o clock position (and two 5000 gases) that will make the position very important to keep.

Most of the ground in the center of the map is unbuildable, but I made it so as a Terran player you can skip from patch to patch of the occasional buildable terran. And I put some walls in the center to allow a sort of middle ground to hold (which can be circumvented by moving around the right side of the map)

Basically I tried to make it as balanced as possible but if you guys could give me some feedback that would be great.
LOL about the backwards ramps. I've never made a map before! :(
Ok so new image uploaded and new ramps -__- lol.

Tell me what you guys think
Looks interesting, but because of the neutral buildings, the natural will be too easy to defend. Considering this is your first map, this is excellent. I advise you to use a special editor as it looks like you're using staredit. If so, get SCMdraft2 and you can mirror the terrain to balance both sides completely. Your decoration needs work btw.
Thank you for the advice neobowman :)
added many GMC's
Thanks for the comment MorroW. I'm trying to make a 0.2 version of the map on a 128x96 map to bring the mains closer + make it less empty feeling. I'll upload when I'm done
U should use really use mirror. :b
At another side rocky ground is closer than another.

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