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Last update for (2)BMW : 2008, 07, 08 10:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3137 (2)BMW 128*128WatirXDoT0.3betahybrid

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Korean mapper WatriXDoT Give us very interesting map using special skills.

I can't give you some explaination in English because of my poor grammer. So I will give you some keywords ; Starting Stack building, Build in Cursor Mark Square, 1-15 Null Tile.

Just Play it! then you can understand it.

Fast Starts mineral is 20value x 30place,
Slow Starts Mineral is 200value x 50place.

ps. 1-15 null cause some unit bug. sometimes unit can't move between 1-15 Null Tile and 0-0 Null Tile.
you can build in the space :S
Is that in scmdraft or starforge?

Are the mains islands, or can you leave the null terrain and step onto the platform? If so, can you walk from the platform to the null terrain?
To Nightmarjoo
I can leave the null terrain and step onto the platform. but I can't walk from the platform to the null terrain.
I don't see any indicators that this would be Starforged. It wouldn't be impossible either.
Fact is that ISOM terrain is pretty hard to do in Starforge because Heimdal never found the proper algorithm and SucidalInsanity keeps it a secret. So if this is Starforged, I would assume that most of the terrain was done in Staredit beforehand.
Then it comes to tileset indexed terrain. There is absolutely no difference between Starforge and SCMD2 in the outcome.

So while it is possible to use Starforge to make a map like this, it is just unnecessary. The lack of proper ISOM terrain in Starforge is too annoying.
but it looks like a face :) with a big smile, and the eyes
I just was wondering, because I don't recognize entirely everything m# is listing from scmdraft, but it could be a translation discrepency.

Thanks Watrixdot. If that's the case though, wouldn't it be really hard to defend your main from any kind of drop without having lots of dropships/shuttles/available overlords to use? Also, doesn't that make early scouting impossible except for zerg, who has overlords?

Testbug, only your mom's face looks like that!
You know, early scouting on island maps is kinda hard for anyone but zerg as well.

> I just was wondering, because I don't recognize entirely everything m# is listing from scmdraft, but it could be a translation discrepency.

m# being Mapghost? What exactly don't you recognize?
Well.. I will explain more.

You can stack on your nexus(or hat, command center)

You can build into cursor marks.(only in cursor marks. you cannot bulid out of cursor marks)

modified by mapghost
i downloaded the map and i could build lots of hatcheries everywhere (not exactly in the cursor marsk, just everywhere)
I tried the map and had a really hard time building as Terran. Good-looking but confusing and near-unplayable map, in my opinion.
To Testbug
Zerg can build hat anywhere :)
To jeb
I will improve thing that show building place more distinguishable

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