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Last update for (2)Flavors : 2009, 01, 07 01:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3151 (2)Flavors 96*128ptar0.8betaground

The map has been rated 72 times and got a total of 54 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

yes, i'm always here
Testbug, stop your fucking spambot xD

New map, made this in one hour. I think i'll improve it, cuz i think it turned out nice. So any suggestions? The geysers at 10 and 5 have only 2000 gas.

modified by ptar
insead of using those freaky ramps, why not remaking it but in 128x96??
Ugly sqare terrain is ugly.

You guys really should care more about where and how you paste stuff. Learn to blend.
ptar needs stop making (2) maps :D
I kind of like it. Can't you use more normal ramps though? And more normal bridges? Can the corner bases have a choke? Can the lowground gas expos be harassable (cliffable)?
Main2nat is long, no? Main2main is long, no?
You should make the nats suck a little less.
Also, the main entrance is awkward. Why not just make it point down, instead of up? Move it up a bit and make it point down (for red).
For the mains, I suggest moving the sl further into the main and/or shrinking the mains a bit from the edge facing the water, to improve main2nat distance without hurting main space/harassability.

Let's try and have this map suck less than Sign?
Ok, sorry. I just noticed that I was heavily euphemizing your custom terrain. The ramps at 5/11 need a SERIOUS fix. At 5 you even forgot to paste a part of the ramp; now there is a block of cliff edge right in the middle of the ramp.

Well, ok, you did the map in 1 hour... but I hope you spend at least another one on the custom terrain.

Btw, what is it with those ugly small-rocks-on-dirt around the expo next to the main? Kinda repetitive, don't you think?
modified by spinesheath
so much square terrain lines, plz fix this at ur next hour and what nightmarjoo said
Its very interesting map :) but i don't know why it have to have 4 ramps next to the main :]
Long distanced main2main.
Lots of easy gasses.
Natural is too small.
Looks hell in pvt. Terran get easy 3 gas and it is pretty tight. Tanks own the map.

Cant make turrets behind natural. Byebye terran vs zerg.

Wtf is with at 5 ramp. LOL.

Red's main is tankable. Dont know if its hard to drop there but in scmdraft i get tank there.

Mains are too small.

modified by SiaBBo
Mains are not too small.

You can make enough turrets.

If at the top middle of red's main is actually big enough for a tank to fit, I think it's still irrelevant.

I dunno about the nat. The ramp just needs repositioned as I said above.

The gas is fine.

Map is not too tight, there are plenty of flank positions, with plenty of alternate paths to take. Map should be fine tvp.
Well, did you test mains? I tested.

Terran can defense very easy with tanks 3 gas. Put tanks on main you secure the bridge. And 3rd gas cliff and you secure that exp too. +other tanks will defend well too.

"You can make enough turrets." Yeah, ofcourse but not behind minerals.
Good thing turrets have range!

Yeah, you can just magically put tanks everywhere right?
Poor Ramps, they look all beat up. Alot of Flank room and many different routes.
The 3rd gasses at the corners are too easy to take imo, and alot of chokes along the way + HighGround advantage makes it very easy to protect Tvp.
Easy 3rd gas is what i dont like, other than that, it looks awesome
Ythe 3rd gas in the corners is only 2000 GAS !!!
and the ramps are nice i've been serching for something like that ;]
and they are 3 ramps , but the 3 ramps lead to only one bridge ;) so it isn't so fatal to have 5 ramps ;]
but i think the ramp to the 3rd gas shout be smaller ... i am a noob anyway and i don't know many about map making ... but how was born and know everything ? :D
WTF are u talking about?
So what if it is 2000?

Lastcurse. Why 4 posts? And yeah, WTF are u talking about?
WTF are u talking about?
the middle highground area is way too tight. Eliminate some of the [nice] deco (meaning raised ground and clutter doodads) to fix this problem.

great layout and nice form/execution.
That i mean. Its too tight.
Personally, I really enjoy playing on this map, but I find workers decide to be retarded just a little too often, by gathering from behind the minerals due to the gaps between them. Perhaps you could change the mineral placement a little or put some neutral eggs between some gaps, I find it happens fairly often (and on 3 out of 4 positions on Andromeda; I barely ever have it happen on any other maps).

I've been playing ZvT and PvZ and the occasional ZvP on it only though.

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