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Last update for (4)Abandoned Outpost : 2008, 07, 24 23:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3168 (4)Abandoned Outpost 128*128VorcePA0.1betaground

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

First map I've ever published. Took me about 9 hours from start to finish. Only bottom right can do a rax/depot wall-in, all 3 others will have to hope they don't get rushed or waste an SCV to complete the barricade.

There are 3 ways to get from left-to-right or right-to-left sides of the map:

1) The ramp closest to your base. This is the most direct path but your units are funneled and will be on the low ground for a bit.

2) Natural wall: Mineral patches that take 10 cycles to open up *or* destructable buildings. This is the most ideal path if you can open it up.

3) Long ramps. Located close to your natural, they require the longest travel of any of the methods, but there is no funnel and there are no obstacles obstructing your path.


Your start location is on low ground with limited space to emphasize building your base on the high ground, which falls naturally in to fast expanding, if one so chooses.
modified by vorcepa
I know you can do better in terms of balancing. As far as being expirmental, you achieved your goal with the rocky ground forcing players to move to the highground to set up camp. As for balance you should know that this map is too tight. Thats my thoughts.
Mains are too small. Natural is too far away. Natural is too open.

Decoration should be better.
SiaBBo: my point was for the mains to be small. I see your point about the naturals being too far away, but the core design where the main is small is, well, a core design.

If I moved the ramps to face directly towards the naturals, would that help?
This reminds me of my older map, harakiri. I think the neutral buidlings are not necessary, and the middle should be waaay more open...
The mineral lines with minerals stacked horizontally and vertically will create MASSIVE worker pathing issues.
i think this would look great in space tileset

it might be too tight to pull off a good gameplay lategame

i suggest you to put dirt over the water temples in middle and add ramps at the sides of the 12 / 6 blocks
RaDiX: should the middle be where most of the fighting takes place? I added the small lakes so that the travel time from north to south was roughly the same as east to west. They weren't part of my initial plan for the map.

neobowman: stacked minerals? What do you mean?

(: : not sure if I want to invest the time to remake this map in a new tileset =P I already had to convert it from badlands to jungle to get the ramps to function properly (I may be too new to mapmaking to make long ramps in other tilesets).

As for the 12/6 areas -- are you suggesting an easier path to the resources? I'm not sure what you meant.

And to everyone: thanks for your criticism. Even if I were a master at mapmaking it's always good to have a second (or 10th) opinion.

You should look gmcs.
Look at the natural. What's the difference between the mineral lines there and regular mineral lines?
I just tested it and saw the worker problems very quickly. There was a pro map from 2 (?) seasons ago that had this same type of setup without the worker pathing problems. What am I doing wrong where this causes problems? I'd still like to keep the minerals at 2x the amount at 1/2 the amount of resources per patch if possible.
My favourite part of this map is how red has less minerals than everyone else.

Superb! A+++
It's because the workers can't reach some minerals. When mining, the workers have a tendancy to spread out if another worker is at a patch that they're trying to mine. Eventually, all the open patches will have 1 worker on it, and all the excess workers will be trying to get to a patch that they can't reach. The map you were looking at was probably Baekmagoji which solves the problem by having some of the front minerals have only a few minerals so they will get mined out before the problem occurs and the minerals behind them will be open. Not much way to fix your problem except by spreading out the minerals in a line.

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