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Last update for (1)fairramps : 2008, 07, 27 21:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3169 (1)fairramps 64*64nowhereMan-0.2experimentalground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 8 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

made this ramps for my new map coming up soon

the upper ones ("standard") is the "final"-version, but maybe you need the "bigger" ramps too (or edit them)

if tried to archieve the same propertries like the "normal" ramps:

-you need 4 pylons to block the ramp
-the ramp is a little bit left/right drilled
-2 zeals can block vs lings
-1 worker can block vs scout
-2 goons can stand side by side on the ramp
-not too long... unlike many other selfmade ramps

you need a small step to place them... sorry for that ( ____RAMP---- )

I think the inverted ramps we already have are good, but more won't hurt, right?
Is the vision the same(or close to) as the original doodad ramps?
Those "bigger ramps" have unwalkable areas both at the top and the bottom which definately shouldn't be there. Doesn't seem like you put all taht much effort into it.

Those "standard ramps" are not really compatible with real standard ramps, first of all because they have a completely different shape which leads to quite different micro around the ramp.

"many other selfmade ramps" actually are intentionally made so that they seem very long visually because they should be as long as normal ramps.

On your ramp you can walk up/down with 2 goons next to each other - you definately can't do that on a normal ramp. That means that moving bigger armies in and out of your base potentially will be faster than on normal ramps.
@jungleterain... vision: ooh i dont know.. if have to test sry

if just added the bigger ramps for people interested in it... havent tested them

there are places on the normal ramp where 2 goons can stand beside each other, like on these ramps, too. (they cant walk sidebyside either)

the most are completly out of perspective and thats fucking ugly... but jeah i know what you mean gameplay > optic

completely different shape? hm you could be right, but the most important things (mentioned) work... i dont know really what you mean, i will try it out when my map is completed
look here:

okay there is ONE sprite which makes the ramp (the walkable-area) a little bit small on the bottom, but its very similar
Imo definately not similar enough if you want ramps that can serve as mirrored versions of normal ramps.
hm k, i have updated the ramps a little bit, now they are more equal to the orginal ones

the red lines show that the ramp is in 95% cases the same width, blue shows the lenght of the ramp:
Yep, better, but now I am fairly sure that your ramps have much more of the higher terrain level than the normal ramps ;)

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