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Last update for (4)Dread Core 1.1 : 2008, 08, 24 04:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3193 (4)Dread Core 1.1 128*128MorroW1.5finalground

The map has been rated 106 times and got a total of 156 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

oh god was i mad for a time there :)

anyway feel free to comment but i probably as usual wont do anything u say to improve it. also i dont care if this concept been made before so no need to make 100 links of this maps concept of old and bad maps.

things u should know thats kinda hard to see in picture is that there are some unbuildable areas on the normal platform. in game u will see where simple :)

and also u shouldnt expect me to join any discussion about map balancing of races

id be glad if u could comment positional balancing tho that can be hard for 1 person to see and often at ur own map ^^

and a thing id like to ask the admins for. when yellow ant or any other iccup persons comes to look at bwmn's maps. id be happy if u also showed this one cuse personally i like it alot (without thinking of race vs race balancing). also played sme test games with my friends/clan etc they like it alot say its one of my maps maps

im just gna go ahead and give me 9 rating for this ^^ (not that it matters but still its fun :D)
modified by MorroW
Looks nice, pretty standard but definately well executed.

I guess you mostly need to test choke sizes (pvz fe) and other small stuff. Might still be a little too buildable even with the unbuildable platform.
you gave your own map a 9? Someone else must've nullified your rating with like a 2, cuz it says 4.7 lol
good job MorroW :)
Why do you think he rated his own map? Anyone could have done it.
The nats seem a bit wider than they maybe ought to.

SW/NE mains seem a bit on the small side from the picture, but they might be fine. Also, be careful with horizontal mineral formations, I found in creating Faoi that they usually mine a lot slower than vertical formations.

Hmm the other thing you might think about is the 3rd gas expos (the cliffs), they appear kind of tight, as in it might be hard to harass and/or attack them. You might consider making them larger (for more drop room) and/or giving them a cliff or something to make harass easier. I dunno, the ladder might be hard since you used space terrain =/

Oh also, it seems like there's no real advantage to the min only over the 3rd gas expo, I can't think of any scenarios where I would rather take the min only, as it doesn't offer anything special. It even looks a little farther, and is directly cliffable from the 3rd gas expo behind it, on top of having no gas, so really if anything there are lots of disadvantages to the min only with no advantages. They have 6 minerals and the 3rd gas has 8? lol. One suggestion I have, is to give the min onlys like 8 mineral blocks, and give the 3rd gas expos like 5.

Overall though, I like the map. It's as spines put, "pretty standard but well executed". Some simple edits could make it even better imo. I'd say it's your best map. I can show it to yello-ant when the next season draws near, but I think you might want to put more thought into making it more special, ie maybe less simple/standard, give it more flair before then. It's a nice map, but I'm not sure if there's anything which separates it from any other map.

The only thing I can think of atm, which'll hit a couple birds with one stone, is: what do you think about putting a cliff at the edge of the 3rd gas expo, so that it also oversees the natural? If you do that, you could also experiment with paths leading to the cliff, like maybe a ramp half blocked by a neutral, or maybe an indestructible neutral like in othello to create a tight path, or maybe a tight path leading from the 3rd gas to the cliff, allowing it to be used easily as an offensive from the middle, or maybe even both a tight path and a ramp, giving players an alternate route to sneak stuff though, as well as giving players a way to attack/harass their enemy, while allowing players to easily deal with anything on the cliff? The cliff and its two paths would make the 3rd gas more attack-able/harassable, which imo would help, and the ramp leading to it would tighten the nat a bit maybe, which might help, it would make the nats more harassable but not lethally so, and it would give the map something unique, to help the map stand out. If you don't understand what I mean, I can try and place it and show you a picture.
edit: removed 1 mineral in the thirdgas expoes and added 1 mineral to min-onlys. made alittle more room at the neutral expansions 12,6,3,9.

i did not update the picture cuse these things arent so easy to see.

thanks for backup i noticed it was stupid mineral ammount when i now saw u write it :)

the min-only will not be expanded at before u grab the gas expo behind.

the nat is open to creat a more offensive early game and less macro structured. also platform ramps are very wide.

if minonlys was at other side of ramp it would favour terran and if there was no minonlys it would probably just be too few expansions.

i dont expect my self to make any future updates. the third gas expansions will stay the way they are even if they are imbalanced placed (distance issues). python was similar but not so very similar but my point is it might be fine.
Oh I like this a lot.
"i dont expect my self to make any future updates" :(

im just gna go ahead and give me 9 rating for this ^^ (not that it matters but still its fun :D)

He said it.
it is impresive how you fixed the 128x128 map size issue without using 128x112.
did you hack the center like Andromeda so the middle is not buildable?
are horizontal distances the same as verticals?
"it is impresive how you fixed the 128x128 map size issue without using 128x112" what?
yes, he is not using NW and SE corners.
if you rotate the map a little, you'll have a map like 128x112 (but without chnging the map size, abd this will make 12/6 multies and 11/5 nats a little more vulnerable to mutas) but i think it's okay
The unbuildable middle is due to small pieces of solar array.
I don't understand, why not use the corners?
actually changing the map size would be a good idea. but i wont because i think it will be fine also.
i think the horizontal distances ARE closer (mechured distances with fingers on the screen like pro style :D)

I don't understand, why not use the corners?"

i do not understand what you mean, clarify please :)

and yes spinesheath is right. it is small peices of solar array that fits in the tiles perfectly and still it is easy to see them ingame where it is unbuildable. i have done this before in space maps :)

and thanks for credits and interest its apprieciated :)
I was asking Testbug.

I posted the map here.
great news nightmarjoo. i'll be arround until 11th. i guess i'll quit mapping that day but will still visit the sile like Starparty.

the explanatin for the 128x128 issue is that mains in each corner makes horizontal positions shorter than verticas (nostalgia, luna, look at arcadia air to ari nat distances? the minonly choke near the 3/9 island ix this issue)

so a 128x112 map CAN MAYBE fix this issue. but rotating the map like that (instead of removig the whold upper lines and the lower lines using 128x112) you just remove 2 corners and the map is like in diagonal.
Bumping for my convenience.
the dentist
At first I thought this wasn't very interesting, it's just conventional LT order of main, nat, 2nd nat. But then I realized there are 4 high ground mini-mains that have kind of 2nd nat style nats outside them. Kind of cool. So I like this, it has potential because it's different but deceptively simple.
thanks :)
the dentist
Also the middle being buildable is something we don't see much. hopefully doesn't make terran too strong but at any rate i would like to see a map that leaves this open and, if necessary, counterbalances this some other way.
OMG [insert random unit here] will be imba here because of [insert random map feature here]!1!1... Besides that, because of the [insert random comment about minerals and gas in main], [insert random race here] will be so imba on this map...
hmmm at first i didnt notise but now when u bring it up its so obvoius. lol i must change this asap
the dentist
This post is not displayed due to its content
fixed overlord spots, fixed mains, fixed third gasses
ehy! uopload the picture with the same name so all the links in other sites still work
This post is not displayed due to its content
Oh and Dentist, if you continue to do nothing but flame and attack people, instead of just censoring your posts which gets tiresome, I will try out panschk's ipban feature, which I believe lasts for 24 hours. I haven't had the chance to see if it works yet.
Added this to the pack.
Morrow please fix the starting locations lol.
i like this map ^^
so yeah i added a FFA, it was kinda intense. money wars and all. i dont know how much it will help, but hey at least its a replay. i like this map, better than lt in my opinion. maybe thats cause its new.
Morrow, please edit this map.
i think i did, go look again :)
Cool thanks, but I thought you were going to add a neutral to the nats too?

I'll update the mappack with this asap.
oh nah i just made the overlord spots much better designed :) putting neutral buildings always bugs and i dislike that :D
Johnny B.Goode
"I like this map, better than lt in my opinion. maybe thats cause its new" - illisid.That isn't a great compliment.Btw,i'm not even sure it is a compliment at all.

I remember what Grief says once"whoever thinks he made a good map never hide behind a shitty pic,no matter if willful damaged or too small".Why you hide behind this small pic,I don't understand?The map itself has imo too much money

modified by Johnny B.Goode


--FFA vs FFA(other, 1.16)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs Bonyth[MB](1on1, 1.15)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs Morrow[MB](1on1, 1.15)

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