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Last update for (4)TheTestBug : 2008, 08, 24 04:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3207 (4)TheTestBug 128*128Nightmarjoo0.1betaground

The map has been rated 36 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

lol it's really ugly. I wish I hadn't used badlands ._.

The islands are all tankable from the cliff. There might be differences in tankability because I was really tired while making a lot of the map.

Terran cannot make comsats on the islands.

I'd guess the map is p>z, and probably t>z. I dunno about pvt, but probably t>p.
Map is 128x112 btw.
i think this map is p>t coz there are too many islands and island-like expos
But terran can tank the islands and the island like expos.
o, i forgot this. but i think using carriers is still a good idea when pvt.

btw, is unstandard map size ok? i heard sc may crash when using these maps.
modified by Seal
i think marjoo is not so stupid to not test if the map crush ingame.

damn testbgu has his own map, i wamt mine!!1
Yeah unstandard sizes are fine.
ill look more into map later,, maybe

i think this map would be t>z also others i dont know maybe t>p

there is rotical imbalance i hope u figured out that also :P

there is a ling hole ill GMC it
I like it, really nice concept. Nice map Joel
"there is rotical imbalance i hope u figured out that also :P"
Not more so than in any other map though? I'm not aware of any issues not present in every map with rotational symmetry, so please point it out if it exists, I'm blind to my own map's errors since I only just created it.

"I like it, really nice concept. Nice map Joel" Thanks tk, where've you been! Get on aim asap :(
uummm... wtf gmcs... im guessing u mean the actual expo, not the water hole

The map looks tight, imo
no that nexus gmc is just where there is a zergling hole lol
ok lets put up a scenario in terran vs protoss

red is protoss, blue is terran

both have the nat

now terran tries to expand at 3 o clock (non-island) and ofc he can do that the distance to that opening isnt far at all

OPTION 1: now protoss tries to expand at 12 (non-island) cuse it is very close. terran can walk out just alittle and tank that expansion simple

OPTION 2: now protoss tries to expand at 9 (non-island). the distance to that opening is much further. probes wont be safe walking that road :)

SIMILAR: if u think of zodiac the middle expansions this is kinda the same deal. just that zodiac got the same openings at both sides. this map doesnt.

the islands are balanced though

THE MAINS: i think u should rotate blues and reds formations cuse thats what seems best and it is possible at this map too.

siabbo: "but then the mains got positional differences"

yes good u note that siabbo i just take u as example here. take a look at zodiac, othello, python. its fine :)
Protoss takes 9 island and goes straight carrier, ez. I do see what you mean, but all I can say is, it's part of the concept =/ I never claimed it's balanced, and am fairly sure it will either be imbalanced or have overall bad game, or even both.

I just realized how similar the map is to zodiac lol.
Johnny B.Goode
Simply,too much gas.

Can tanks reach the exps over the water?Looks like they can.If yes map is racial imba.t>p/z
Johnny B.Goode
Zodiac is significant different than this map,starting with the size,Zodiac is 128*128 this is 112*112,dif.start position,etc
my gmcs got so fucked up lol, joel's a nubber

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