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Last update for (3)Treaty1.3 : 2008, 09, 23 09:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3217 (3)Treaty1.3 128*128Capn Awesom0.7betaground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 41 points

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Capn Awesom
A three-player map I came up with.

Please leave suggestions and/or comments!!!

BTW, how strict is that 3-map submission limit?
the nat-to-nat distance is really short, makeing the mid really small.
the distance from the main to the third gas is really long.
Terran can put tanks all around the nat's cliff and it makes it really hard to attack PvT, imo
oh i like this map
the gass placement on the nats will block units incomming
Looks like nat is favouring terran when using tanks if you know what i mean. TvP is hard cuz there's not lots of flanking room and it's pretty tight.

Randomize minerals too plz. :)

Im not sure about zerg's 3rd gas. It's pretty close but looks like it is rly hard to defend.

Otherwise map is ok.
Capn Awesom
I fixed the tank cliffs, and tried to even out the distances between the last two expos.

I may add some side entrances to the nats to give more flanking spots for PvT, unless anyone thinks there is an easier way to achieve this.

really big mains

I don't like how short the distances are, and the highground thing outside the nat accentuates the problems the short distances create, imo.

I can't see games lasting long enough for any other expos to be used :O
Capn Awesom
Update (09-21-08)
Fixed main sizes, added elevation changes

Add any comments and suggestions:
modified by Capn Awesom
HUGE dirfferences in sl-nat distances. I'd say: Just interchange ramp and resource placement and adjust some cliffs accordingly to solve the problem. There's also some margin in the placement of those ramp-up-ramp-down-ridges next to the nats to play around with.

EDIT: See nightmarjoo's post. He's right, of course.
modified by Freakling
modified by Freakling
Capn Awesom
I dont see what you mean by: "HUGE dirfferences in sl-nat distances. I'd say: Just interchange ramp and resource placement and adjust some cliffs accordingly to solve the problem."
(What is sl?)
starting location
Capn Awesom
Oh, damn, I feel like a nub.
I will fix that, right now it seems that the lengths are Red>Blue>Teal, right?

Besides that, though, how is the rest of the map??
i think the map is wellmirrored for beeing such a complex concept
best 3 player map is still longi
for the map beeing so tight i think it would be t>p>z im not sure

the area behind the main can tanks attack over in a slow push, inspire ur self from python edges
The expo layout really doesn't work. There are too few expansions, and they are in bad locations/distances. There is not enough room for movement and flanking. There are many little things which need improved or fixed. The best way to implement this concept would be to start over and better plan the map and better use the space. You need a better main/nat layout for starters, and a more cohesive expo layout, so that there's more room for movement and fighting. Also attempt to make things all-over more like in other maps, with sizes, shapes, distances, etc. However, I can be more specific and in-depth if you put this much work into the map. For now I'll be vague because this map has no hope unless you remake it, in my opinion.
Oh also, I don't like your formations and doubt they'll work optimally.
And, with "more expansions", I realize that longinus for example has the same amount of expansions, except that longinus has three more geysers, and nine more mineral blocks total. I'm not saying that you should copy longinus at all, just pointing out that your map could use more resources. Personally, I feel that longinus some time doesn't even have enough resources for the long macro games it forces, combined with the somewhat tight layout, but perhaps that is simply because both players can obtain so many resources so quickly. I'm too tired to finish this thought, but hopefully you can make the conclusions on your own here as to how that works out, as I think I gave enough information, though you may feel it's not necessary to concern about for your map. Also for example, tau cross has three more mineral blocks, though it has the same amount of geysers. But I'd say more than in Longinus do resources feel short sometimes, especially the gas, especially with all three geysers being so easily accessible.
For a more current example, Athena has 18 more mineral blocks, and six more geysers lol.

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