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Last update for (2) Uzumaki 1.2 : 2008, 08, 29 10:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3218 (2) Uzumaki 1.2 96*1283clipse0.3betaground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 16 points

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well crimson your going to get yelled at by them cause minerals arnt nice and rounded like they are on python blue storm ect. also like i said only 1 main terrain on everything no mud or stuff like that.
My third serious attempt at a map.

My first is nicely playable and holds a lot of sentimental value to me because of the hours I put into it. I hadn't discovered the wonders of mirror x/y yet and I spent ages making the thing perfectly symmetrical by hand. I like to play it but it's ugly as hell due to all the sharp lines. Might upload sometime later.

My second was an attempt at a macro map on the snow tileset. There were a few problems, one being that I had made the thing too large and couldn't fill the width without gimmicky shit.

I liked the basic flavor though, so I decided to remake a similar project on my favorite tileset, twilight. I wanted to create a simple macro map with a slight scarcity of safe gas. My first build was very open, so I've since added/extended ledges to give terran an easier time. Only game that's been played so far has been T > P. That said, the T in question is very strong, so this doesn't say too much about balance.

That was fast plague, you must be trolling this place pretty steadily, lol.

Edit: Also, most of your maps are pretty godawful so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop bashing mine at every opportunity.
modified by 3clipse
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Your concept of "scarce gas" could make the map inba, but idk.
Btw, 3clipse, this site is to give constructive criticism for map makers in order to give them confidence as well as making the map balanced, and in the long run, hopefully, make them better map makers.
I find it very childish for you to say "Also, most of your maps are pretty godawful so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop bashing mine at every opportunity."
There is no need to say things like this to anyone, even if you are 10 or under years old.
3.mZ)Plague was just stating his opinion on your map, you could of just taken it lightly, not up the butt.
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I cant take this map seriously because Naruto is such a fucking joke.
The name is taken from a japanese horror manga. It means Spiral. ^^
modified by 3clipse
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This post is not displayed due to its content
No space after the (2) please.

The map feels kind of messy, like a stew where you just threw every spice you owned into it, without any real recipe. The map seems to be lacking a concept and basic structures. It's not bad, but it has a lot missing, and lots of things could be improved about what you have here. Non-neutral islands, especially incredibly defensible ones like this do not play well in (2)maps. Also, I have never known mineral only islands to play well.

imo the best parts of the map are the mains (though from the picture the main2nat distance seems a bit long, which could be annoying in tvz), nats (I'm not a fan of that cliff, but it's ok I guess), and 3rd gas expos. Everything else is kind of messy and just thrown down. You'd probably be better to keep the things you like in the map, and remake the rest of it.
Thanks for the input. :)

What do you mean when you say it feels like I just threw too many things together yet there's also a lot missing? Not sure what to make of this, lol.

The reason I chose to make the island min only is BECAUSE it's so easily definsible- I didn't want it to be so easy to secure 3 gas.

Any specific ideas on what do about both of the above issues? I see what you mean about letting the main get too far from the nat, but I didn't want the mains to be too cramped, especially considering that there aren't a lot of alternative places for production buildings (unlike something such as python).
You can move the starting locations inward a bit. I'll comment more later.
For the islands, two minuses don't make a plus when you're adding. ie mineral only islands suck, and super close/defensible islands suck, and putting that together doesn't really help, unless you're scared protoss sucks on the map, which I wouldn't say is the case here.

Of what the map is missing, expos are not one of those.

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