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Last update for (2)Space Dragon : 2008, 09, 01 16:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3224 (2)Space Dragon 96*963.mZ)Plague0.2

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 9 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Start loctations are at 2 o clock and at 7 o clock minerals on ramp going to min expo only is 24 minerals i widened out the chock a bit at nat the cat walk expo's are islands. size is 98x98 tell me if something needs fixing.
one game has been played on here between me and 3.mZ)Nodnarb worked really well god i love d web and reavers.
It's a little better I guess. Keep making more maps, and you'll continue to fix stuff in your maps on your own, I think. I don't really feel like commenting on everything that's wrong, since I think you could easily find the same comments in other maps if you look around. I'll give you big long comments some other time I guess. Lots of things could use being changed, you should try figuring out what they are. I can give you some more feedback I guess if you bounce questions off me, but I don't want to do everything for you atm.
I see what you mean like the corner expo's so open for storm drop, same with tanks and lurkers . also the island expo's can be stormed, with tanks and lurkers too from the battle field, that and for like toss you can only build so many gateways cause space is limited so i need to make the map in total bigger. thanks nightmarjoo.
modified by 3.mZ)Plague
Also look at the really open areas, outside of the nat, that's a lot of more or less useless space, you can definitely borrow space from it for the main/nat/expos.

I'm not a fan of multiple islands in (2)maps, but that's up to you.

And imo, the center bridge is on the narrow side and further encourages very linear split-map games, though more than just the bridge encourage that.
I see what you meann reason i put them as islands cause origanly i was trying to make it ballanced so zerg could be good with hatch.

you can not use middles that looks like that in non island maps in this map size
why would and island map have a middle? Well it does have a middle but if its and island.
that argument does not change this situation

make wider middle, look and learn python 1.3
I know what python is and looks like i played python last night.
lol you played python!? no way!
OK i did some editing i made the bridge wider and the space more tight for more room to build crap i know i gotta realy edit the expo i got rid of and added. The corner expo's i took out the area behind minerals cause easy pickens for storms on probes scvs drones what ever and had it go down twards nat.
why you don't make the bridge more real ?
lol u really dont know custom terrain mzplague

--3.mZ)Plague vs 3.mZ)Nodnarb(1on1, 1.15)

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