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Last update for (2)Strikebeam : 2008, 09, 23 22:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3243 (2)Strikebeam 128*128SiaBBo0.1betaground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (7 elements)

At 11 and 5 there is small ramp. So zerg get pretty easy 3rd gas. Natural should be fine with FE.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!
remove 1 mineral from nat
remove 2 minerals from third gas
remove 1 mineral from 3/9 expansions

remove the mineral blocks
remove the neutral buildings
this is how i would make the natural, arguments:
needs better muta harass
(minblocks 16)

put area with rocks instead (GMC)
cut this long ramp (GMC)
cut this long ramp into 2 ramps (GMC)
make the bridge less wide (GMC)

id rotate the minonly towards the main making the minonly not tankable from the cliff around it

hint: when decorating a map try use more varied doodads if your going to put so many doodads at same place

i dislike that the backdoor ramp at 3/9 there is nothing, nobody got any reason at all to walk there. aka unused area.

fill the middle with rocky ground or unbuildable asphalt

move the starlocations alittle bit closer to the ramp
oh yea and heres my comment:
beakdu copy!
Uh, i dont like ur idea with natural.
u must do something to help muta harasment anyway
Too much unused space (see gmcs). Shrinking everything together a bit to fit it into a 128x96 (or 96x128) size map might be the best solution.

I would also avoid too long and straight ramps. Looks ugly, boring and obviously provokes "baekdu copy" comments.

Use less and more diversified skeletons and more trees or something.

Some unbuildable areas, especially along the direct pushing path or in the center would make the terrain more interesting (and likely more ballanced) gameplaywise.
modified by Freakling
Probably one of your best maps here atm. It has a good layout. One thing i think mappers shouldnt do, which you did, is go crazy with decoration but its all just a matter of personal opinion
Thanks. I'm gonna edit this some day.
There is muta harras some on natural. But it is pretty easy stop just build some missile turrets on that cliff. I don't really know good place to minerals there.

Start locations moved little closer the ramp.
Rocky ground area.
Less mineral.
Cutted ramps.
New exp.
dude siabbo u cant have 9 minerals in third gas expansion
Uh, when I edited that I didn't even notice that. Well update comes tomorrow.

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