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Last update for (3)Moloch : 2009, 06, 12 01:40
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3668 (3)Moloch otherNightmarjoo0.3finalground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 14 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Made for a competition at

map must be a 3 player map
can only have 3 expo's for each player including nats
main has to have 8 min patches and nat must have 7
must be rotational semetry
must have at least 3 bridges and 3 ramps
must have a mineral block
must have 5 differant critters
must be on ice, char, or desert tileset.

Obviously the map is pretty bad, I just wanted to make a map for fun. Awful positional balance, 100% untested, wasted space (and it's only 112x96 lol). Map probably would've been better at 128x96, but I wanted to make a 112x96 map.
Map is too tight, too poor, probably awkward.
Some min blocks are 9 stacked 0 blocks, some other 15, and some are 10.
I basically just placed stuff randomly, no calculations done at all.
If it were necessary, I'd edit the map by shrinking red's main from the right, allowing me to move teal's 3rd gas expo away from him, which is the biggest and only real significant positional imbalance that I'm aware of.
I like the map , but that min block in the bridge , Its shit can u delete that ?

I dont think u are really using the minblocks good In any way.

If u must keep a min block tho I suggest do some type of back door where u can cheese or be gay, some type of stacked minerals with 0 a "time thing" like In destination.

I dont think map can win competition In it current stage.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
lol have you been to's mapping forum before? The only maps there anywhere near as "good" as this one are made by bwm mappers ._.

Why don't you like my min blocks? I don't really see another way to use them. I don't like most backdoors, and no backdoor would work in this map imo.

The mineral blocks are stacked 0-value blocks oO
I dont think players will actually have the time to unblock the bridges or the 1s In the ramp , and u also have 2 think Into the late game.
I thin that T>p and T>z because 1 entrance and u can hold 2 expos fairly easy just like 4 tanks and turets all around , and u hold the 2 expos(U dont have time 2 unlock ur opponents bridge and the one In the other expo)

Also terran can drop a couple of tanks In the high dirt where the min blocks r and blast away at all the pasing units.

Totaly terran favored map with all the min blocks , I honestly think It Is still slightly terran favored even without any min blocks.

So If u wana make map playable or fun u need to do some major fix's.

I really recommend a back door even If u dont like It (It Is done In pro mas so It can be a 2 bad of a decision , and In the + side map will alow cool cheese "Fun to wach players originality" )

And If u want 2 make the min blocks + pronounced (Wich I think Is a good idea) I would make those expos In the middle of the map 1oclock 5 oclock and 9 oclock , high ground with a ramp that has a min block.

That I think would be a good map.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Backdoors are rarely used in pro maps, and in every way they are used, I couldn't apply that here.

I see no reason why players can't mine out the min block on their own bridge, nor on atleast the ramp closest to them. The min block in destination and the small blocks on medusa get mined out all the time, and the one in destination is a lot bigger than the ones I used -_-
Why would a player want 2 mine out there oun bridge ?
Smaller choke = easier to defend.
Think what happens If a player says "I dont want 2 mine that out", think what happens If 2 players say"I dont want 2 mine that out"
Think of the Terran's they will own here

What about my suggestion about the high dirt expos with a min block In the ramp?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
You should make the bridge without the mineral more wider since you got unused space.
map must be a 3 player map
can only have 3 expo's for each player including nats
main has to have 8 min patches and nat must have 7
must be rotational semetry
must have at least 3 bridges and 3 ramps
must have a mineral block
must have 5 differant critters
must be on ice, char, or desert tileset.

lol lot's of required things xD
can you give a link to the competition i wanna see what are the other maps like
wow, just aweful, i liked ur last map awesomeland alot better
awesomeland isn't my map :(

players will always mine out their bridge, moving your army across a single bridge is retardedly difficult
Work on awsomeland first. I recommend fixing the spelling error in the name too. (awsomeland?)
modified by JungleTerrain
Tau Cross at a different angle meets destinations ridge with ice terrain :P still looks like a good map though i'd love to play on it :)
what is this? late april joke? How useless maps can we do and still win comps at other sites?

Complete shit doesnt cover it :P
U should have gone with my recommendations Nightmarjoo, map just docent fly in its current stage.
Oh please, sty_lezerg-ex. Who are you to tell me the map "doesn't fly" ? Make melee maps for a couple more years and win some MOTMs and what you'll say will have some merit.

It's not complete shit starparty :(
Just being honest mate.
I didn't say that u where shit, just this map, I actually like a couple of your previews maps.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Honest doesn't mean correct.

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