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Last update for (2)Drift : 2009, 05, 29 04:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3669 (2)Drift 128*96konadora0.5betaground

The map has been rated 37 times and got a total of 17 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hi all, this is my first time uploading a map at :P

I made this map (after a rather bad first attempt at another map) after losing touch with map-making for years. Anyway, here's my map details:

All minerals are valued at 1500 and gases at 5000 unless stated otherwise.


Highground Expo:

Mineral-only expo

3/9 position highground expo:

1/7 corner expo:

The three mineral fields near the ramps are worth 12 minerals.
Xel'Naga temples (x2 for each side) are not stacked.
Psi Disruptors (x2 for each side) are not stacked.
Protoss Temples (stacked 5x for each end)

0-gas geysers at 12 and 6 works like Troy and Battle Royal, except it can be rebuilt on, allowing creative play/proxy by building refinery/assimilators, canceling it and doing a hidden proxy, as well as controlling pathing.

You can wall off with 1 supply/1barracks at both higher-ground expo and your main.

(CHANGES: Added stacked temples and removed 12/6 expos, removed gas at 4/10 expos to make them mineral-only. Also added 15x stacked 0 minerals near the corner expos. Despite what the image may look like, the stacked minerals at 1 corner are worth 0 minerals.)
modified by konadora
4 safe bases clumped together in a corner

this map is gonna be really boring to play i hope u relise that urself
I'm not a pro map maker or anything.. would appreciate it if you could point out any flaws or imbalances instead of just giving a simple one-liner.
actually that 4 base clump is real bad
Then should I remove the 6/12 expos, fill the area up with some terrain and replace 3/9 expos with mineral-only?
most mapmakers flaw is that they are good mapmakers, but bad gamers
Well there is info in "Artices" about how to make larger bridges but not how to make backward ramps.

Could someone explain? Thanks a lot!!
LOL what map editor r u using Blue_Wolf?
SCMDraft but I don't know how to do them.
I can make normal ramps larger but not backward.

modified by Blue_Wolf
Blue_Wolf go to the 'maps db' section (it's in the left of the page) and find maps that have '(0)[Name] Ramp', save them, and open it up with SCMDraft. Now open up the ramp map, and click on terrain box, there will be a copy/paste/cut on the last one, click on that and drag the ramp you want. After you have done that right click and select copy or press CTRL + C. Then open the map you are constructing, and simply just press CTRL + V and place the ramp where ever you like.

Hope it helps 'cause I'm not very good at explaining.
Corner expansions look a bit hidden IMO, I'm thinking of making the mineral position sideways and remove the cliffs.
U need scmdraft2 tho.
Look at a good number of (0) maps here some , might be useful 4 u.
Thanks for the advice.
Terran get like all free bases.
Linear, short nat2nat, imo, terran pwnge

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