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Last update for (2)All She Wrote : 2008, 10, 02 23:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3256 (2)All She Wrote 128*128Anotak0.3betaground

The map has been rated 40 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

one of the better maps I've made.

something feels off to me with the expo placement, like i've done something wrong. i figured someone else with more experience or a new viewpoint could tell me.

terrain still feels too... flat, like most of my maps.
not sure if the island is a good idea.
Balance-wise I feel like it might be a little T heavy...
modified by anotak

It's not very T imba since it is very open, flat and a little unbuildable.
It's uh.. missing a few things.

I dunno, I guess conceptually it's ok... but eh it looks weird for sure.
I don't like the islands though.

Hm I'd almost reccomend asking you to finish the map ._.
I like the layout and concept a lot but imo this map isnt structured well. Maybe its b.c you have a lot of open space where players can get lost in. And because of this, TvZ & TvP battles will be horrendous (Terran's lack of mobility). Idk about PvZ.

Also, not enough space in the mains.

From a decoration stand point I'd say that your terrain patterns are way too goofy. Lots of straight lines. And you used the symmetry tool for all of it and made it all very distinguishable (especially those jungle and mud patterns). The expos on the edges of the map could have better shape for building placement.

I think the islands should have a default sized ramp attached imo

So I'd say you'd have to start the map over. Which isnt bad because the layout is very nice. I actually see a big circle - the battle ground with 2 expos in the middle w/ valley. You can keep it. What I was thinking is maybe you can basically make the circle more visible which will start with your first step in structuring the map. I think you should do this b/c it is the most relevent part of the map imo. A big thing here is to push divisions into the map somehow. Allowing players to react in a chess/checkers matter almost.

Hope my input helps :)
modified by NastyMarine
modified by NastyMarine
great example of a z>t map
Remade from scratch


edit: oh, i just realized that i forgot to move the main ramps d'oh
new version with that fixed coming soon
modified by anotak
"better?" no, imo
The old version was badish, but you just added a lot of new problems in "fixing" the old ones.
Ehh this looks to be going downhill fast, maybe scrap it and try another map/concept?
Work on your basics more is all I can suggest.

what did I do worse?

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