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Last update for (4)ProJJa : 2008, 10, 26 00:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3259 (4)ProJJa 128*128JungleTerrain0.3betaground

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 19 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Comments please :P
I accept all opinons and compliments, yes, even about how handsome i am

Are the nats too small? Is the gas in Nat too vulnerable?
modified by JungleTerrain
Yes the naturals are a bit small
I feel sorry for mutalisks. I'm guessing that the most they can do is snipe the gas at the natural. Looks pretty darn standard.
i like all of the map but the middle, do something :P
i was making a map exactly exactly like that!
it was suppose to be a pimped version of (4)Aztec 1.0 by Djin)Xuul( but on badlands...

the middle you used would probably be okay in jungle terrain (see Faoi or Confusion) i decided to pimp the map in Badlands because there is very few highground.

badlands highground has only grass and dirt :P
in jugle you can amke ruins, temple, jungle(trees), etc.

plase finish the map i lve it!
could you plase change the tileset to jungle or space? ;)

what about making a (4)Reverse ProJJa??
blue and purple mains are bigger than red and teal :(
put some theatrical type doodads in the center - mixtures of doodads that seem fit for visual appeal :)
Middle is too large. Change the size to 96x96 and take away the space from the middle. Although this would require remaking the entire map, it's just what I think would be a good use of the concept of this map.
Rofl spekkio you are nutz. 96X96 is unplayable with this type of set up. You'd lose the gas or mineral only expos as well. I think the map as a whole is fine the way it is.

modified by JungleTerrain
Changed tileset to Twilight, as you can see.

Not much changed since remake

comments and suggestions please
Return of the King meets Byzantium (and drops its starting locations)?

It's ok I guess, it's just not very remarkable. Has some positional imbalance too. It's conceptually uninspired: just a basic map.
Wuthering Heights.
i like this map

down left nat got no space behind which other expoes got.

decent execution(as nmarjo said alittle positional imbalance, its hard with rotical 128128) and not akward at all (as far as picture tells)

if i were u i would start experimenting with this map now. id add 1 dweb in every ramp. since the concept it self might be too basic
"if i were u i would start experimenting with this map now. id add 1 dweb in every ramp. since the concept it self might be too basic"
I like that thinking Morrow.
ok... dwebs... ok...
what does the 128128 rotical mean, someone explain, or you mean that its almost impossible to make a perfectly rotational map on a 128x128? (SalazarSlytherin can prove me wrong)

Any other suggestions? I dont really see what i can do other than add the Starting locations, unless you people want me to remake a part of the map, or maybe the whole thing (if so, give me a good reason)
no deco yet
what r u serious nightmarjoo or just theory crafting in some kind of sarcastic and bad manner way? lol i have no idea what u meant by "I like that thinking Morrow."

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