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Last update for (4)Aztec II : 2009, 01, 22 23:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3274 (4)Aztec II 128*128Testbug0.5betaground

The map has been rated 68 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

inspired in map Aztec by Djin)Xuul(

There go my hopes of winning motm.
I like it a lot. I've always loved this map and though the map imo was good as it was, I've always wanted to remake it as well. Good job on this version
Seems tight and turtley. Also, looks hard to make turrets around the minerals. And doesn't SE's main ramp give positional imbalance since it's not inverted?
when i saw the pic i thought it was korean ^^ but then i saw test buggy ^^ your are the best map maker in this site.. for me..
2 position - P4E
3 position - Grief
4 position - Nasty
5 position - Crackling
at least i'm better than joel :3
i think you really should use inverted ramps testbuggy :)

i like it :)
Why testbug you don't btw use them?
cuse hes too newb to block the ramp with 1 zealot :D

testbug your ridicilous, maps main porpose is to play them, not to look at them. so fix the ramps stop showing off unnessasary mapping skills lol

u must fix teals ramp others r good

move blues start location down alittle

move purples start location up alitle

the map is imbalanced beacuse red can turtle over to blue avoiding the middle so easy in tvp. i suppose you could reduce the water width in the middle to enlarge the path around the middle
morrow dont be that harsh with gosu testbug you damn nooblar terran user ><;

nvm testbug, use inverted ramps plz

i dont think that what morrow pointed out about pvt would work that easy because the distances are kinda long and terran would be very weak to counters from center to his nat

you still could make it better by moving the 3. non-center expoes like on the pic, i described what would happen in certain positional matchups, MORROW PROVE ME WRONG :O

the nearer 3. expo with gas will make pvz easier/more balanced

Free Image Hosting at
do what i said plus move the third expansion to in front of the structure like crackling said :P
crackling thats for opinion about the tvp but i know it better ^^
Hey crackling it doesn't matter that you're on the list and I'm not, you're below grief LOLOLOL
...and the fact that Grief is on it at all shows that it means nothing tt
you know better because you are a B terran player or why?
could you plz explain more?

i'm pretty sure i have at least as much theoretical knowledge in any matchup (or more) than you morrow, i really dont want to be offensive in any way, i just rely on the 2000+ progaming vods i have watched.

still your practical knowledge in this matchup might go deeper than mine or you could also say that it doesnt make any sence to compare balance at usual iccup level to progaming.
modified by NastyMarine
modified by NastyMarine
move the 3rd gass so a terran tank drop will freeze both your nat AND your 3rd gass?

redcing the water will make the middle expo tankable or even lurkable from the borders.

i though the border's tightness was okay.
why sould i enlarge it? zerg is allright in those tight and large paths. and terran have to deffend 3 chokes if he wants to expo.

will a (4)Projja expo setup will help?

moving the 3rd gass near to the ramp (anti clock wise) and adding another expo there (maybe a minonly)
map looks pretty gosu on the pic.

alot of people are suggesting inverted ramps including me, so keep that in mind.

I guess i'll have to file a lawsuit now.

im obviously j/k XD
i wish murrow and crackling could finish this map TOGETHER. i trust you two!

but please, look at the suggestions!
murrow, crackling and nightmarjooo suggested to move the 3rd gass so it's takable from the nat highground... so a tank drop will hit EVERYTHING :S come on T_T

okay, i'll try to edid the map this weekend!!
thanx for comment!
you should reduce the border cuse it will be more interesting concept if even lurkers can attack over the the middle expansions.
in 1v1 your expansion angle goes the other way of your enemy anway so terran cant really turtle his way to it. look at wuthering H :)

crackling i was just assuming i knew more about tvp since i was terran user and your z but i could be wrong ofcourse. i never meant to be bm neither :)

reducing the thickness of the water border will create more interesting concept imo also i think this concept needs larger pathes around the middle

also for example in othello to contain sombody in that way were talking about is much harder cuse there is bigger area outside the natural. in this map there r just 2 directions without any open areas in the natural.

imo might be a bad gameplay if ps only way to defend him self is to counterattack.

ill see if i can modify this map into my version like i did with Miezsanka
okay added a minonly.

and now the middle expos are like R-Point expos where you use the gas geyser to block the entrance.
nooo wtf you should add more expos but should just move the old ones...

remove the 3. noncenter gasexpo and add gad at minonly!
too cramped
i remember the times where my big long comments were making any difference, those were good times.
Liar, your big long comments never made any difference!
maps with a such route layout has the PvT flaw. however taklamakan is a lot more unplayable than this map
lol, map was tagged as (2)map ;p
fixed the name but don't know how to fix the map =(
remove the noncenter multis and give the minonly a gas >.<

map rdy
but then a tank drop in the nat cliff will hit both your nat and 3rd gass!!!
make the cliff undropable than
just reverse the entire map and keep the middle expoes as they are and add ramps to them. GG no re
put your cat on the mouse/keyboard and save whatever it changes. GG no re
Is there any good reason why u dont use inverted ramps?
because i loveee staredit!
why should 3rd gass be in the other side? :S
okay, nats are too tight (maybe 3 o'clock is allright) but i'll imitate Python's nats.

red nat looks small, should i enlagre the mains?
i want the wide bridge to be the shortest main to main route, so i'll move the chokes a little.

this will make the luna passagges larger but not tight.

there will be two bridges instead of one (like in Wind Breaker, but wide bridges, then the middle expos will need to be modified.

should they remain R-pointed? (12/6 R-point can be walled with the geyser) or just normal expos like original Aztec?

should nats remain tankable??
I love this map

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