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Last update for (2)Lobotomy : 2023, 03, 18 22:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3308 (2)Lobotomy 128*128Testbug1.0betaground

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 66 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

reminds me for sign
okay this is my version of (2)sign/(2)WaltzoftheDream
i didn't went to scheeol today so i made this map i'll work on better spinel valley minonlies, maybe i'll remove them =(

maybe the spinel valley minonlies can be in low ground like faoi minonlies.

is terran 3rd gass too far?
should island be minblocked?
modified by Testbug
I like the spinel valley min onlys.

The 3rd gas is weird. It has a long narrow passage, but then a default ramp. Should either be large passage default ramp, or tight passage large ramp, imo. This way it's really hard to attack. Maybe add a big ramp on the far side where the ramp is now, and add another ramp near the nat. If the choke is large enough the short distance will be ok. Think about corner expo in peaks of baekdu, or the other highground gas expo in baekdu.

The map is a little poor, perhaps add a cliffable lowground gas expo to 3/9.

If you work on the 3rd like I've suggested, min block the island. If you don't, I think it's ok to leave the island as it is.

Rocks are ugly in big blocks, how about using ruins on most of the time, and then having the layer of rocks just at the edges by the cliffs? It's ok to have a little more buildable room. Maybe remove some buildable room on the highground with ruins though, as it's a little tight imo.

nat maybe needs some more turret room? Maybe use tile editing to increase the room without taking away too much room for lurkers on the lowground.

Are you sure the middle path is tight? Looks to me like tanks can fit through. If so, tile editing fixes everything.

Your large ramps at a funny angle are ugly. Maybe try making high jungle -> low jungle ramps with jungle -> dirt blends with normal dirt ramp edges. Then just have jungle/ruins at the bottom and top if you want.

Overall though I really like the map.
modified by Nightmarjoo
i really like this map.
although this map is a good example that 128 128 is almost too big for 2 player map but i think you used the space well.
i added 4 gmcs.

personally i would make some high ruins around the open high jungle areas for the decoration also help balancing
testbug became korean :(
i dont like this kind of map (because i see too much maps with this layout on mapdori)
oh wow! this is an awesome map. MOTY worthy - BANG
was that just you beeing a judge nasty? ^^
lol I definitely understand where you're coming from p4ver.
nice name
Transorbital Lobotomy?
also called ice pick lobotomy, but i'll reserve that name for an ice map ;)
hey! i found the way to make my nick blue!!!
modified by Testbug
i can also post as Nightmarjoo!!
hey!! i made several Nightmarjoo accounts!!

modified by Nightmarjoo
lol tt
this map is greaaaaaaaaaaat.
mjaroo has the same name as morrow? ;D
ohh nice! a rpelay
was that really nightmarjoo?
how did you both feel the map? is there anythong you want me to change?

should i place ovy spots instead of white robots?
modified by Testbug
normal ovy spots would be nice. and nat gas for 6 shouldn't be on the bottom imo. And the 3rd gas expo is stupid as I said above. And your middle path should be tight. Your formations felt weird too for splitting, I dunno.
okay, the path in the middle allow only small units to pass (workers, marines and zerglings)

edited the nat chokes, so protoss will have better time feing.

removed some tank holes by placing doodads there.
joel i wanted the 3rd gas to be fucking safe, so zerg can lurk both the ramp (but if it fails, then zerg can lurk the tight corridor :D)

ovy spots in the rocky ground will make rocky ground too tight. i think i'll also remove the white robots to make it totally opened.

i'll place the doodads and make ecortion wen map is close to it's final version.
why didnt u fix my gmc ? theory crafting not ignoring
It's actually less safe this way, because if I'm out of place at all I can't protect the expo if I don't have a nydus already made, given the situation where they can and do kill my lurkers, or my lurkers are out of place or nonexistant, I can't run up the ramp to save the expo with my army, terran can defend the ramp so that I can't save it. Just awkward and too tight. If my lurkers fail on the ramp, there's no way they'll not-fail on the tight path lol.
but morrow, i added ovy spots (the water)
in the original version, there were not ovy spots in the loki path.

i think, by placing temple walls there, i'll be too tight. tell me if i'm wrong please, or do you wanr overlords to check???

the ramp you suggested will just make the corner expos too close to the nat. i want 3rd gass to be far away =)

nightmarjoo, how can you deffend double gass at longinus if your lurkers failed or are inexistent?
terran can deffend the ramp so that ou can't save it.

should i remove rocky ground grom 815 expos???
ovy stops instead of white robot? yes/no?
well i suppose its fine, i like the update alot btw and i think u should add ove spots at robo place
okay, aded ovy spots instead of white robots.
also there is now a tight corridor behing 3/9 expos =)
modified the 3rd gass to make nightmarjoo happy.
added Morrow ovy spots at highground ruins (i'll remove them if it makes the map too tight)
if not, they'll stay! :D
modified by Testbug
Oh wow, this map is getting really good really fast. Good edits.

I know you like 815 ramps, but I think they should be default ramps :(

Also, rocks are ugly, you should make the lowground ruins, with rocks on the edges of the high dirt only.

Please use inverted ramps at NE and NW :(

Maybe place the nat geysers between the minerals like gaia 3/9?
And maybe also place the geysers in the corner expos between the minerals, and possibly at the 3rd gas expos too. I just really really dislike geyser directly below the minerals, it mines really really badly with 3 workers :(

Testbug the path to the 3rd gas in longinus is much less linear because it's a (3)map. But it doesn't matter, t wins every game on longinus because the map sucks :(
but i already edited the high ground corners, the ramp is more similar to longinus now
modified by testbug
I think Crackling has infested the site. Check the comments on the replay!

He's watching alot of porn this Pornling oO
modified by HoboRobo
we know it already
Pornling lol (Rofl)
lol no wasnt me :(
enlarged the middle wide ramps and aded temple walls near the loki passage.
thanks crackling for the porn
whats up with the replay comments ROFL theres like a 100 viagra adviertisements
yeah, i cannot delete the replay because it has "" on it, because of the font color "red"

so the java script ends behind the "red" wrod
Well I just found out lately how to change colors lately (by myself). I think I may be able to help
modified by Kroznade


--Crackling vs Joel the Gay(1on1, 1.15)

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