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Last update for (2)The Underworld : 2008, 11, 27 08:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3361 (2)The Underworld 128*128LasTCursE/Ag_Toss0.1finalground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 5 points


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This post is not displayed due to its content
mains are ridiculously small
i'll try to make them bigger :) something else ?
-Add more space behind natural so you can make missile turrets there.

-Too long path to middle I think. Terran can defend natural very easy with tanks on the main.

-Maybe delete some doodads so it is easier to walk around.

-You used space pretty well. It's not too big and it is 128x128 2 players map. GJ.

This is pretty good. Maybe I test it someday.

And even if i don't care about decoration I have to say this looks beautiful.<
modified by SiaBBo
thank you siabbo :)) i removed some doodads behind the nat now there is plase for 2 3 turrets and make the mains a little bit bigger.. but for this small corection do it need new pic ?
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Actually I think zerg have a third gas. It can go corner or something. Think about longinus. It is hard to get it too. Zerg go to 3rd gas when it gets mutas out. So zerg muta harras terran and then go to gas.

modified by LasTCursE
Why isn't there an expo at 6?
It comes way too tight?

what's up with the 11-ish expo
nice map. mains are way too small.
try to put 6 baraks factory and starport +200 suplly and anything you will see that it have space enought :)
they are little bit bigger than the picture btw ;]
This post is not displayed due to its content
Mains are like in that new promap. You have to build up. :b
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see :)
modified by LasTCursE
you call that ample?

i call it noob. sorry dude

you have a lovely map, but the mains are too tiny. that isnt nearly enuff room. oyu need like another 100 grids of space.
i can't put more space without ruin the whole map sry :(
This post is not displayed due to its content
I get 14 factories there EASY.
Looks nice, but I'll risk giving you my noob observations, (hehe).
Couldnt you make the min only, your nat and move it down a little, expand main to where natural is now, and put another expo at 6 and 12 (after moving that ravin out a tad? players would use more of the map as well. 6 and 12 look like an air unit expressway to me.
Most players I think prefer fat mains to tall ones, even if size wasnt an issue.
This post is not displayed due to its content
woedin i don't like the idea but 10x any way ;)
but i rly think about some expo in 6/12 (Think)
modified by LasTCursE
This post is not displayed due to its content
This post is not displayed due to its content
Feel free to argue about censored posts in a seperate thread, please keep comments directed to the map, and not full of flame. It's not the job of admins to edit out the more-flamed oriented parts of posts, easier to just censor whole thing. Please don't reference the past, the admins are trying to slowly take a more progressive role in cleaning up post quality.

Lastcurse the mains being too small is a fatal error. Do whatever is necessary to increase the size of the mains to an adequete amount, else you have no map.
My best suggestion would be to delete the nat, increase the size of the mains and replace the nat closer to the middle of the map. One way or another this will involve editing the 12/6 path. 12/6 needs an expo though, else I'd suggest just pushing the nat to the left/right, but since you can't kill 12/6 since it needs an expo, push the nat up/down to increase main size. I would delete the silly highground thing on the 12/6 paths to help make room, also they are silly and only complicate pathing needlessly.
Also, the shape of your mains is bad, which is part of the reason why you aren't using the space well enough, I dunno. Just mess with this until you have a better main. You can't leave it like this lol.

The picture you posted above only shows how small your mains are btw lol.
draw with paint how to make them bigger ...

--CanT.ThinK.oF vs Jim-RaynoR(1on1, 1.15)

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