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Last update for (2)Idunn : 2009, 07, 29 19:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3410 (2)Idunn 128*96Nightmarjoo0.1betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

I was bored and I thought the site didn't have enough boring, uninteresting, standard, x/y mirrored, 5 minute ptar maps with pretty pictures, so I made a boring, uninteresting, standard x/y mirrored, 5 minute ptar map, with a pretty picture.

The center expo is shamelessly 100% copied from Andromeda, but I added four mineral blocks to attempt to make it more likely to be used.

The weird temple things in the middle of no where are ovy spots.

The mains are too big and thus the main2nat distance is a little longer than usual, but not imo to the extent where it would change gameplay. I can always just move the sls a bit closer to the nats anyway if anyone wants me to lol.

The shitty line of tiles at the very top with absolutely no effort to attempt to make it look aesthetically good in any shape or form is attempting to positionally balance the fact that all of the bottom-most row of tiles are unuseable.

A bilinear expo layout should make the gameplay fun to some extent, and the center expo is present for lategame struggles, and more importantly for laughs/embarassing your opponent. Funny thing is though, that taking the center expo is only really possible for the winner basically, but it makes it easier for the loser to do some damage to the winner, making it mostly unuseable. I like it anyway. It's my favourite retarded map feature of the year.

My biggest worry about the map is that the expos are too spread out and that the map is overall too open. My guess is that the map is z>p z>t p>t through and through. The map being gas heavy, with essentially linear main2main pathing should balance it a bit, but probably a more or less negligible amount.
i think it's cool but may be you can remove one of the gas gaysers and make and min only instead
whats up with maps with no mineral onlies???
Teach me how to clutter the doodads so well!!

edit: I don't like it.
modified by SiaBBo
No reason for any expo to be min only.

Syndrome, just takes a lot of time and patience. While the map did take a little more than five minutes to make, it took over five hours to decorate.

edit: lol Siabbo.
modified by Nightmarjoo
it has 12 gas out of the main ...
That's less than in some successful (2)maps for one. And two, 2 of those geysers are nearly unuseable (in the center), and all of them are vulnerable in some way or another. There is no completely safe gas expo, as in most maps.
thats dumb. A map should always have a mineral only(S)
Troy has very safe gas expos. Also, it has no mineral only. Holy **** I can't believe I forgot that Othello had a min-only. *smacks head on wall*
modified by neobowman
Othello has mineral only, look it up.
I fail to understand the importance of a min only. They are almost useless. If I'm zerg, in zvt a 3rd gas means staying in the game. A min only means another hatch to defend. In zvp, a 3rd gas means I can mass lurkers and tech to hive. A min only means I can make more hydra/lings which will be shred by storm/fall to strong ups. In tvp a 3rd gas means more tanks. A min only means more vultures. Great. In pvt, I can expo anywhere, so I'm getting a 3rd gas anyway. In tvz a 3rd gas means more vessels and more tanks. A min only means more marines, great, as if I didn't have enough of them to control.

1. I fail to see the point of a min only in modern play in a map like this. Bluestorm's min only is good, longinus' min only is good, tau cross' min only is good.
2. The worth of any of these expos would be drastically reduced if it lacked gas. Removing gas from any of them since it's a (2)map would mean making it go unused basically. In other maps, you can choose to ignore the min only because there're other gas expos. Taking away gas from any of these expos would almost be the equivalent of deleting the expo.
3. Just because Nastymarine says so doesn't mean it's right.
Peaks of Baekdu has no min onlys. Bluestorm does, but its concept would not work at all if the min only had gas. The concept includes that min only. My map has no concept. Loki2 has no min onlys. Blitzx's min only functions similarly to Bluestorm's. I have trouble explaning why it must be min only, but it must lol. (4) and (3)maps are different, (2)maps don't need min onlys necessarily. And hell, R-Point didn't have min onlys.

I could remove gas from the corner, but that would remove a harassable gas expo, which imo is bad. I'd rather leave the extra gas in favour of creating a place where the players can harass eachother. I could remove it from 12/6 lowground, but then it would be worthless, whereas now it has value as a semi-neutral gas expo.
Despite what I said above, I'm considering removing gas from the corner, as its safeness is balanced by its harassability, and with gas it might make the map too linear.

edit: You're wrong (and I'm right), but I'm removing the gas from the min only whenever I edit the map next anyway for balance and map mechanics.
modified by Nightmarjoo
super duper t > p, cuse of middle so easy to secure then infinite expansions, well blue storm is the same but its not so imba so i could be wrong
I think blue strom's tvp is ok.
I think you're vastly underestimating how open the map is and how long the distances are morrow, I think it's p>t lol. Bare in mind there's little turret room on top of being very open/flankable, with long distances.
i rofl'ed when i saw the top of the map, ugly and uninteresting 1 square fakebalance
are the 2 expos in the middle of the top/bottom too near?
too near what?
did u made alone this map? 'cause it looks a bit out of your league.come on, you can tell me who helps you. was it testbug, that little pimping devil again? :) if not you def. become better.

and the mains you use are becoming larger.your nats are pretty hard to engage and the rest of the map is very open, except the expos on north & south on these small plateaus.but even there the res. are so placed so that z can harass easily. you breeded a cozy place for the swarm ;)

the res. in the middle aren't necessary 'cause the map has already enough money, keeping them there disturbs only the path over the middle of the this clever ?
-_- yes I made it alone.

Yeah I know the mains are too big, the nats are fine though imo. About the same as Faoi nats.

I wanted to disturb the main2main pathing, I thought it was too direct and linear otherwise, so I decided to use that.
Ugh gmc spammer =/

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